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Another needle disease with similar symptoms that we’re seeing quite a bit of this year is Stigmina needle cast. Rhizosphaera needle cast is the most common disease on spruce trees that is received in the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic. Needlecast (or needle cast) disease is a fungal disease that attacks a variety of evergreen trees, including spruce and pine trees. As noted, we did not find evidence of Rhizosphaera needlecast or of spruce needle disease (SNEED). Rhizosphaera needle cast is a very significant disease of landscape, nursery and plantation conifers. glauca). Rhizosphaera needle cast disease of Spruces. My supervisor had just handed me a photocopy of a fact sheet on the disease since I had asked him about spruce trees I had been seeing with defoliating branches. Spruces, Pines and Firs, oh my! White spruce and other conifers, like pine and fir, are also susceptible. This disease is found throughout the northern hemisphere. The following spring the spots appear more pronounced and the needles turn yellow, brown and then drop mid-season. Healthy spruce will retain its needles for five to seven years. What form of needle cast is currently attacking conifers in central Ohio? This is disease is most commonly seen in Cincinnati on Colorado blue spruce (Picea pungens var. Stigmina and Rhizosphaera Needle Cast in Trees. Needle cast is an opportunistic disease that is caused by the fungus Rhizospaera kalkhoffi and is most seen after long wet springs. However, and unfortunately, there is a fungal disease affecting many of our evergreens; Rhizosphaera needle cast. Cool, rainy weather or long periods of leaf wetness provide conditions for disease development. These conifers are a beautiful addition to any landscape, posing a remarkable stature, marvelous color and forming helpful windbreaks. I am seeing problems in my residential yard on Pinus heldreichii, P. strobus, P. siberica and P. mugo. Spruce infected with Rhizosphaera needle cast may only hold the current year’s needles. Rhizosphaera needle cast (RNC) – quite a mouthful, especially when one is an arborist in training, still green in the green industry. 3. Linda: Rhizosphaera needle cast is a fungal needle disease that causes needles to die and drop off the tree prematurely. Rhizosphaera needle cast is a common foliar disease of spruces and other conifers caused by the fungus Rhizosphaera kalkhoffii. Instead, consider planting Norway spruce, which is resistant. Colorado blue spruce is particularly susceptible and can be severly damaged by this disease. When a tree is infected, it will begin to show small brown or black spots on new needle growth. Rhizosphaera needle cast is caused by fungal pathogens within the genus Rhizosphaera.This genus also infects several conifer species including; fir, cedar, spruce, and pine These diseases primarily affect blue spruce. Rhizosphaera needle cast is the most common disease on spruce trees, including Colorado blue spruce, white spruce, Oriental spruce, and occasionally the Norway spruce and red spruce. It is caused by a group of fungi in the genus Rhizosphaera. If you have seen trees affected by needle cast disease in the area, avoid planting this highly susceptible tree. What causes needle cast?

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