old wolf curved sword moveset

Carths Curved Greatsword is a weapon in dark souls 3. Partizan (Baka?) Old Wolf Curved Sword - Greataxes - Axes . Exile is leaps and bounds better than pretty much everything else in its class. Large Club (Luba) - Greatswords - Halberds - Hammers - Katanas . It also suffers from a lack of pure strength, which is somewhat made up by its fast attack speed. So it uses the Titanite Scale Reinforcement. I intend on posting my SL 70 build which optimizes the Old Wolf Curved GS passives once I replace rings with upgraded counterparts. Old Wolf Curved Sword. 8 PVE: Old Wolf Curved Sword. 1 Lore 2 Skill 3 Availability 4 Moveset 5 Notes 6 Upgrades w Wolf Leap -Slice into foes with a large spinning motion, then leap out of harm's way and follow with a strong attack. The moveset for the Sellsword Twinblades emphasizes multi attacks that punish greedy players and those that time their dodges poorly. To know more about different weapons location check out our Dark Souls 3 Wiki page. Old Wolf Curved Sword has pretty decent AR on a dex build. Return to Weapons I made the character with the sole purpose of using the sword because its weapon art is sexy despite consensus saying the sword really cannot dish out damage. The actual sword doesn't really swing fast enough to rack it up well, you need something that double-hits and is light on stamina drain. One of the Offerings for the Watchdogs of Farron covenant This weapon is categorized as a Boss Weapon. It is extremely fast and comprises of crowd clearing attacks. Effect: Wolf Leap. Dark Hand (Luba) - Crossbows - Curved Swords - Greatbows - Great Hammers . Bloodlust (Baka) - Reapers - Spears . Pike - Straight Swords . You have 2 combos depending on how you much stamina you have. 4 years ago. Dragonslayer's Axe - Claws and Fists . Location: Reward from Watchdogs of Farron. Old Wolf Curved Sword [DKS3 Wiki] Comments posted to our Dark Souls 3 Wiki 13 . The curved sword moveset is based on Zhou Tai's movesets from Dynasty Warriors 4 and 5, only altered in motion and stance. R1 > WA will let you regain space and regenerate stamina while R1 > Jump attack does pretty good damage and lets you pressure a bit afterwards. Curved Greatswords Dark Souls Wik . Anonymous.

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