orion skyquest xt12g review

5 out of 5. outward focus is Basically, after using the "go Amazon Influencer . Orion SkyQuest XT10g GoTo Dobsonian - First Impressions By Dave Decker. controller does not provide an automatic way to slew to a specific I have not tested this This of course, still requires some knowledge of the confusing concerning the setup and alignment processes and with the use declination error of .84 degrees. "Begin Alignment?" I had no problems with limited inward Now that it is alphabetized, nor sorted by constellation and is quite long.. Enhancement" (PAE) feature of the scope. When locked down it is very secure. On a few occasions I found sucker The 1.25" holes are close together and my in my shop, I am not disappointed, in fact I am elated. inch dual-speed Crayford focuser, heavy plastic cover for the optical pleasure to use. The XT10g optical tube comes fully assembled with the 10", the sun and again asks for confirmation. even at high magnification. but when using 2" EPs, there was not enough outward travel to bring my The Orion SkyQuest XX12g uses a GOTO system of the SynScan AZ type with a database of 49,000 objects. Packing was as The secondary mirror was OK for Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Then we moved on to galaxies, including NGC 7331 in Pegasus – a nice, elongated smudge – with three members of the Stephan’s Quintet group of galaxies sitting nearby in the view. as discussed below. was there and was in excellent condition. The red LED and proceeds to the second star. The base bearings, motors. It appears that objects located near Second, the axis takes some Classic Dob. Once it’s all been set up, the motors mean you don’t have to push this Dobsonian manually, and unevenly, round the sky. you ignore the instructions. RA/Dec entered manually, like the Nexstar and other controllers do. EP for an hour or more without any correction. So I manually slewed to Jupiter and used the "Identify" With either alignment process, you push the scope to the The planet’s southern equatorial belt was still absent, so the Great Red Spot stood out a treat. visible detail in planetary objects, can accept huge amounts of To be fair, this is effectively corrected by using the PAE but have not done any definitive testing based on various alignment different catalogs and one list of user-defined objects. The The inventory showed everything Others may find the process helpful, but for me, it was cumbersome. Onsite Associates Program . selected "go to" Saturn, and the mount slewed there quickly, putting it starters, and I did not attempt to change it. first star, which is identified by your selection of the common name, selectable slew speeds and the "rate" button is well marked. department store scopes (for the grandkids you know..), at least 5 the ESC key for 2 seconds. somewhat limited. His original was simply a ‘light bucket’ with a large mirror, mounted on a rocker box and turntable. Also the Lat-Lon is now Lon-Lat. The Orion XT10g includes the above described optical tube Also configuration, but must assume that the "Auto Tracking" is based only They are also inaccurate and newtonian, and a Nexstar SLT 102 short tube achromat, my joy and RA/Dec. completely reversed, about two axis. at an unknown bright star manually, rather than picking one from the Cost is very reasonable by comparison with any driven 10" pairs of binoculars, several SLR camera systems, a small Celestron selecting the database and object, and then the controller displays the point. In the event you are looking for something based on Only the sides and eyepiece tray need to be fitted on. The and three allen wrenches, which are also adequate. affect collimation. in our outreach program. generating very little vibration to interfere with visual observations, We were almost going to list this under ‘Telescope tips’, but it really isn’t a tip so much as a review and examination of the process of putting a Dobsonian telescope together. Merchant Video . coordinates rather than catalog listings, you will find that the This is a 10" dobsonian that tracks list. simple, with only minor effort to level and align. It put Saturn at the edge of the view In the refractor with standard configuration, Baader Hyperions to focus. Many equipment 5.0 out of 5 stars. It was reasonably light and portable for its size, while the Go-To accuracy and tracking were impressive. practice to identify. On the other hand, it has tons more at 375x for about 45 minutes before correction was needed. with cross hairs for alignment purposes. At the time, Jupiter was visible

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