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The pleural space is segmented by parietal pleura extraction and visceral pleura extraction. Check Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai Placement details, Average & Highest salary package, Top Companies, Percentage of batch placed and latest placement trends for various courses. Rectangular Micro strip patch antenna with Defective Ground Structures (DGS) is proposed in this paper. We propose novel solutions based on safe region technique. Micro strip patch antennas are widely used in wireless applications in recent years. In most of the biometric system user is directly involved such as carrying the related stuff, exposing the physical contact, typing some password, signing etc. Labs to conduct online tests and class rooms to conduct other tests. Training through Mock Interviews to perform well in the professional interviews. Each module is developed in a unique way with innovative specialties. * C & C++ Programme As from the survey the odour scent is the combination of the volatile organic component such as the composition of aldehyde, hydrocarbons, ketones etc. If both the gases along with pulse detector exceeds the normal level then an alarm is generated immediately and also an alert warning message can be sent to the authorized administrator and as well to the nearest health center to make the sewer laborers feel comfortable with necessary first aid and possibilities with the treatment in case of emergency. The most central and well-known of these services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. It was born from pattern recognition and the theory that computers can learn without being programmed to perform specific tasks; researchers interested in artificial intelligence wanted to see if computers could learn from data. Simulation results show that the operating frequency of the antenna can be tuned by physically rotating the MS around the center with respect to the patch antenna. A multitude of digital images preserve important data and so providing authentication to these images is often a challenging task. We demonstrate how to apply the proposed workings to securely and smoothly manage the confidential data distributed in the disruption-tolerant military network. Measured results show that the antenna has a tuning range from 4.76 to 5.51 GHz, a fractional tuning range of 14.6%, radiation efficiency and a realized peak gain of more than 80% and 5 dBi, respectively, across the tuning range. . The main intention of the mining is to extract the information from a large no of data set and convert it into a reasonable structure for further use. * Dot NET Programme A famous system Hadoop is utilized as of now to process such huge information. Domain : Security Create awareness about "Career Planning". Panimalar Engineering College has an active placement cell for providing the job placement to the students at their final year level. Domain : Robotics The very high level research challenges might be “IoT design”, but this includes a number of lower level research challenges such as Architecture, Interoperability and Scalability, M2M communication, Security, Connectivity, Compatibility , Longevity and Intelligent Analysis. In the client side, the image is obtained and iris recognition is done[2]. This paper discusses the concept of a smart wearable device for little children. This data could be either structured or unstructured. Experimental results are proved to show no sign of attacks, which portrays its efficiency. The survey of various work done in the field of social network analysis mainly focuses on future trends in research. Thus, it’s necessary to put cryptographically increased access management on the shared knowledge. The emotional ascent of unstructured information like photographs, recordings and online networking has introduced another type of non-social databases and which are named as “Big Data”. Provision of interactive real-time multimedia communication, real-time location tracking etc. Modeling visual attention mechanisms has been a very active area of research in past years owing to the challenges it poses. The selection of an suitable type for segmentation that is build up on the image featue. In this paper, we have presented an IoT enabled approach that can provide emergency communication and location tracking services in a remote car that meets an unfortunate accident or any other emergency situation. Organize Various Training Programmes in the reputed external training organizations and in-house trainers. The purpose of this device is to help parents locate their children with ease. It is a dream of every engineering student to get placed in a top organization. MCP (Certified Course on Microsoft Certified Professional), In addition,following Programmes are offered The basic theory and design are analyzed, and simulated using Advanced Design System Software ADS. Finally, we offer implementation results of the projected theme to demonstrate its utility. However, repeating attacks as virus and worm assaults and the achievement of criminal assailants delineate the shortcoming in current data advances and the need to give increased security in the network. Visually impaired people require constant assistance for navigating from one location to another. Moreover, we tend to gift a concrete construction of RS-IBE and prove its security within the outlined security model. By 2020, the aggregate sum of information put away is required to be 50 times bigger than today. Coupled line filter demonstrate the fourth order of the Chebyshev elements and its response corresponds to bandpass filter. In particular, it alludes to the unwavering quality of system framework, classification, uprightness and accessibility of information data in the network. In many cases, it is desirable to provide differentiated access services such that data access strategies are defined over user attributes or roles, which are managed by the key authorities. These gases have to be monitored such that increase in normal level of them could be known and proper precaution measures can be undertaken. Co-ordinator Name : Prof.Dr.K.Valarmathi, Student Name : Ramya. Wideband, planar antenna of I shaped with outer slit for ISM application In our work, we presented a concept of designing antenna for 2.4GHZ. The tools used to store and analyze Big Data are Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Sqoop, Pig etc. Consequently, the revoked user cannot access each the antecedently and sub- quietly shared knowledge. Cloud Computing has provided Big Data with a way to store and retrieve massive amount of information. Nonlinear filters have shown their supremacy in removing the outliers from a signal affected by non-Gaussian noise, such as clicks, scratches, salt-and pepper impulses etc., Median filter is the most sought after non linear filter known for its excellent noise reduction capability. Password authentication, often used for providing secured service, tend to face problems such as entering the incorrect password while logging in or while encountering an unauthorized access. This method will show the capability of detecting the human odour and also help to distinguish accordingly, as the scent of a person is unique. Digitized India is used to connect rural areas with high speed Internet. Thus fast and efficient noise removal technique is the need of the hour. For that coupled line filter is good choice. Conduct online tests and written aptitude tests. In the view of ever increasing sources with toxic chemicals, these systems should have the facilities to detect and calibrate the source quickly. Which give the high profile identification of the potential, user independent security system with biometric scent authentication. The MS is placed directly atop the patch antenna, making the FRMS antenna very compact and low profile with a thickness of only 3.048 mm. Create awareness about “career planning” and “career mapping” among the students. however, there exists a natural resistance for users directly source the shared knowledge to the cloud server since the info} usually contain valuable information. Hence,the secret fragment mosaic image creation technique is aimed to design a novel method that can, not only transform a secret image into a secret fragment-visible mosaic image of the same size, but also has the visual appearance of any freely selected target image, without the need of an actual database nor any compression techniques. Also show the result of heart rate of beats per minute (bpm) based on the R-R interval (peaks) calculation. The objective of this research paper is to design a speaker dependent system that determines the gender of the speaker using the pitch of the speaker’s voice. * Pro-E & ANSYS Programme Big Data must be prepared and analysed to deliver potential ideas and extreme information must be comprehended from this sea of information.

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