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She reached the crane and leaped over the side of the railing, shinnying down the metal arm like it was a tree branch. I checked the security cameras in the area. I smiled at the giat. Even stranger: several old cars had somehow been brought from the surface, each filled with suitcases and mounds of purses. “Cacus wanted to cut the gods’ communication lines, did he?” Hermes mused. We met Hermes by the Atlas statue at Rockfeller Center. When you defeated Kronos, did you think you eliminated all the enemies of the gods? “Bummer.” I tried to sound regretful, as if my rump hadn’t just been pulled from the barbecue. Sad … since I’d barely tasted any of the pizza. And my caduceus, no less, symbol of my power! “Um, yeah,” I said. My vision blurred. Love acttle! Nobody deserved to answer their door and find a fire-breathing giant with a magic staff and collection of knockoff Rolexes. I know it seems ridiculous, a sixteen-year-old trying to stare down a fire-breathing giant. “We’ve got mail.”. “I only left them alone for a minute.”, “Them …” I said. “I did promise.”, Hermes rubbed his hands. The caduceus blasted it’s beam of blue light, and the giant disintegrated into a beautiful starburst. Manhattan sewage is not a look you can pull off. She swung the arm one last time and opened the claw when the giant was at the top of his arc. I stole many cows- more than any other giant. "Are you guys all right?”, Cacus looked back and forth from me to the snakes. “Or I’ll turn you two into a fake Gucci handbag!”. “The mortals wouldn’t understand what was happening. I will be the lord of traveling salesmen!”, “Ha-ha!” Cacus raised the caduceus in triumph. “Wait … You can speak with the snakes, Percy Jackson? The staff was smooth white wood about three feet long, topped with a silver sphere and dove’s wings that fluttered nervously. I went flying and crashing into a pile of broken stone cows. My ears were ringing. She was breathing heavily. Now that you have discovered your true parentage, you … The Quest for the Staff of Hermes was a quest bequeathed to Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase by the Greek messenger god, Hermes after a giant stole his Caduceus.Hermes wished for his Caduceus to be returned quickly to prevent anyone from recognizing it was stolen. The driver was climbing out. “Solve your own problem. “That thing only shows aerial images, right?” I asked. Read the sign on the water tower.”, She rapped her knuckles on the bronze surface. Worst of all, hanging from meat gooks on a stainless steel scaffold was a row of cow carcasses- skinned, gutted, and ready for butchering. I turned to Annabeth and shook my head in exasperation. She didn’t slap me, but she looked like she wanted to. Annabeth insists that she’s referring to Percy’s dad, whom she says isn’t dead. I could hear hopefulness in her boice, but also doubt. I’d never actually seen a child of Demeter do that, but it would be cool. “Hold on,” Annabeth interrupted. “Put me down!”. “You’ll see. “DEATH!” Cacus stormed up the steps and onto the High Line. Maybe that wasn’t the best place to sit, but it was better than some of his other deliveries, which were labeled EXPLOSIVES, DO NOT SIT ON, and DRAKON EGGS, DO NOT STORE NEAR EXPLOSIVES. Percy Jackson And The Staff Of Hermes description (Description is for The Demigod Diaries) What dangers do runaway demigods Luke and Thalia face on their way to Camp Half-Blood? I knew Hermes better than most of the Olympians. Mothers used to scare their children with my name. But what happened with Cacus?”. Our tunnel emptied into it like a narrow chimney. A hundred feet away, the old railroad tracks split and the elevated platform formed a Y. “A small giant, not one of the big ones.”, “He’s well-known for thief. I’ll MAKE the snakes cooperate!”. None of our weapons looked very intimidating against a dude that big, but together we stepped into the open. Our table was ready. I looked at him in the eyes and hoped my threat would work. I talked with the wind nymphs. “Worth a try. Those purses and coats … the giant must’ve brought them down here for some reason.” She gestured toward the bulldozer. Then Annabeth pointed to the far end of the cave. Annabeth picked on up and readit. I just have time to finish my deliveries! Probably my expression actually conveyed: It’s not my fault! “Did he just call me Hermes’s kid? “A special surprise for dinner,” I said. And reflected in one of those mirrors were Annabeth’s gray eyes. But I did it first, and with much more stlye. I tried for a smile. “Our tag game strategy isn’t working so well,” she noticed. He raised his hand and the staff of Hermes appeared in his grip. I’m dyslexic. As Annabeth got older, Luke developed feelings for her, too. What had I done wrong? “The caduceus.”, The giant’s face turned as red as his hair. “Why is tracking down a fire-breathing giant good news? I’d made arragements to meet Hermes at Rockfeller Center no later than five, and his delivery truck had disappeared in a flash of light. Perhaps I can get a good price on two demigod statues.”. “All right. “I’d just about given up hope!”. I’m a son of Hephaestus. It was almost enough to make me turn vegetarian, except for the pesky fact that I loevd cheeseburgers. I have to remember birthdays, holidays, and all anniversaries? It didn’t help my concentration that Annabeth looked so good today. Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo (PDF) 10. “We’d better see what he wants.”, How do you greet a god? Then the rest should be easy. “Oh, gods.” I felt panicky at the thought, but also really good. Maybe the giant would drown. But mostly it’s easier to steal things. Maybe Cacus had heard of me. “Something real. I tried to get my beearings. If you can snag the caduceus while he’d distracted, that would be great.”, “Anything else?” I asked. She disappeard from view. It expanded as it spun. Annabeth snapped her fingers. He wiped his steaming greasy hands on his robe and grinned at us. And before I swear to anything, maybe you’d better tell us what’s wrong.”. Maybe they could entangle the giant in vines, or turn flowers into ninja stars. “Yep,” Annabeth said. “Eighty-five percent off piano lessons.”, “Gah!” Cacus glared at the snakes and breathed a fiery warning over their heads. The vendor dove out of his service window with a fistful of shish kebabs. “Hold on,” I told Annabeth. They only work for Hermes. Are Percy and Annabeth up to the task of rescuing stolen goods from a fire-breathing giant who doesn’t take kindly to intruders? Underground somewhere, I’m sure.”, I took a deep breath. Sneaking into a dangerous steaming pit in the middle of a New York intersection proved disturbingly easy. The shield zoomed in on an intersection blocked off with ornge barricades and detour signs. I’d seen it many times before, but it still sent a shiver down my back. The silver tip slammed into the bulldozer and the entire machine turned to stone. The giant climbed from the pit., his velour housecoat steaming, and his face spattered with slime.

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