plastic ukulele vs wood

I have two wood ukes but I want a plastic one as well! I've got a soprano Outdoor Ukulele that is my constant camping companion. I can't say whether all wood sounds better than all plastic, but I prefer the sound of MY wooden over MY plastic. February 2019 Wood. November 2016 It is, as others have suggested, fuller and deeper to my ears. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [The Original Ukulele Bass Instrument Explained!] Wooden will always give you a much better sound. That said, after a solid weekend of camping, it's shocking how much better my wooden ukes sound when I get home. Learn earnestly and take care of it? Regular wooden ukuleles tend to get damaged by extreme humidity and temperature while the plastic ones will stay in perfect shape. August 2016, Tropical Mohagany EF-9 Concert Ukulele Series. Plastic ukulele VS Wooden ukulele. February 2018 May 2018 Better durability. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It is, as others have suggested, fuller and deeper to my ears. Is it as good as a K brand. 10 comments. I have an tenor Outdoor Ukulele w/dual passive pick ups. February 2017 14. Wood. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Much, much better, but I can't say whether that's characteristic of all wooden ukuleles over all plastic ukuleles either. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. posted in: tech and how to Ukulele Benefit Show: An Evening w/ Kanekoa. They are affordable ukes with a nice sound. Probably not but it's a great uke. Not sure if I like the neck or not but that's a design thing not materials. October 2016 posted in: tech and how to. But it sounds great and is cool by the pool! I second u/ukeeku, who asked why not both? Welcome to our community of sharing and learning this wonderful little instrument of aloha! Archived. share. Solid Wood Vs Laminate Ukuleles. Most music stores will have both so Id recommend trying them and seeing for yourself. Plastic ukulele VS Wooden ukulele. i prefer solid wood ukuleles, but i take my plastic ones everywhere. I've just gotten the Kala Waterman. I don't buy the "wood will give you the better sound" argument myself because I have a flea soprano made of plastic that is probably my best sounding soprano. Close. A plastic ukulele is much tougher and more resistant to weather changes than the wooden one. posted in: artist news. What is a U•Bass? Never thought I would like Plastic uke. The ukulele is a four-stringed Hawaiian instrument in the lute family with roots in the island of Madeira in Portugal. In all wooden ukuleles the frets are set in place by hand, one at a time, and one or more of them can be out of place. posted in: u bass news. save. I think I wouldn't mind a plastic one if it was one of the nicer models there are several companies that make them and different "grades" as always with any instrument I play it in the store first. Water-resistant. If you're looking for an adventure uke w/great sound I would check them out. Strings are still settling in but it sounds okay. August 23, 2017 August 23, 2017 ~ musictherapyhacker. Some woods are selected for their sound qualities, some for their cosmetic appeal and some for both. posted in: tech and how to. hide. Plastic. I can't say whether all wood sounds better than all plastic, but I prefer the sound of MY wooden over MY plastic. For the purposes of music therapy, two categories are noteworthy: wood and plastic. So a plastic ukulele with good intonation is better than a cheap wooden one with bad intonation. Not as full and deep in its sound as my wooden ones. I paid about $70 bucks for it and wouldn't trade it for all the gold in Aucapulco :). A good plastic ukulele is one where the frets are molded into the fret board in exactly the right place. December 2016 It really depends on who you're going to use it. I have an ukadelic at work that is entirely plastic and also plays well though it is what you get for a $60 uke. January 2018 Pick the one you like the best. I have an Eddy Finn Beachmaster and take it with me everywhere. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Plastics can generally take more abuse. I bought a Kala Waterman soprano as my first (partly because it was cheap and I didn't know if I'd stick with it, partly because I am a destroyer of things, partly because I spend a lot of time outdoors). ... (Cordoba) one. September 2016 April 2018 In fact I'm still very glad to have it for all the same reasons I initially purchased it, aside from not being sure if I'd stick with it. Plastic might be more durable, but not every brand has great build quality. I found that I prefer concert-sized ukuleles better and gladly took the opportunity to get a wooden (Cordoba) one. I live in Denmark and it rains a lot here so I bought the Waterman so I'd have a uke I could safely take with me outside for a longer period of time. its true that cold and water wont affect them but, do not leave it in a hot car or it will melt! Wood is the standard material for ukulele construction. Parts Of The Ukulele. This is the main reason why people buy the plastic ukulele. Wood vs. For richness of tone, you can't beat a good wooden uke. Posted by 3 years ago. Plastic: Ukulele Materials. Really deep and warm sounding. That being said, I don't regret buying the Waterman. Both can sound fine. I would definitely recommend a wooden over a plastic. March 2018 Depends on what you want. Ukuleles can be made from a wide variety of materials ranging from recycled bamboo to carbon fiber. I find it also holds tune much better. Unless you plan on being really rough with it, taking it camping, backpacking, etc. I own several ukuleles including 2 plastic ones.I love the sound that I get from my plastic ukes! Beat it up? I have about 10 ukuleles, and have had many more that ive sold or traded or lost :-( this is a great little article and it sums it up well. Connect with us and read about players, gear and techniques! The Ultimate Guide To Ukulele Tonewoods. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Wood Ukes: Some common woods used for ukuleles are Mahogany, Basswood and Koa but you will also see a lot of variations like Mango, Black Acacia, Okume, Spruce, Bamboo, Lacewood and others. Some ukes, like the Makala Shark and Makala Dolphin, are plastic in the back and laminate in the front. March 2017

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