postpartum nurse vs labor and delivery nurse

As for transferring them in pain, we medicate them before transfer but often do not have the time to wait for the medication to take effect...when we have women laboring in the hallways waiting for that room. Our members represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties. As for L&D being's a rare occaision where I work with all the scheduled inductions and c/s everday. ....Irishbrn, maybe it's difficult to respect nurses who think other nurses in their hospital look down on them for enjoying having happy healthy patients to care for. How about the patients who complain about you guys being nurses with attitudes? Labor room nurses are sometimes the first to meet the patient, and so they handle much of the paperwork and attend to details such as determining whether the patient needs an interpreter or if the new mother had a complicated birth and needs special care. The labor and delivery nurse is preparing to administer butorphanol tartrate to a patient in labor. My mother/baby floor does couplet care as well as high-risk antepartum and GYN care. At the hospital I worked, the postpartum area was often understaffed and not only did we received delivery patients, but also antepartum and women whom … Labor and delivery vs. Postpartum. If you didn't choose active labor then you don't know what Labor and Delivery is like. Also, treating each other well...ex. I have been an RN for 19 years, and have spent the last 5 as a Labor and Delivery nurse in a relatively small community hospital. I have worked at two different hospitals in my 5 years in L&D. But on average midwifes tend to earn more than labor and delivery nurses. The patient had seven people at the birth? OB nurse is a generic term that encompasses all aspects of pregnancy - labor and delivery and postpartum/mom-baby (and can also refer to a nurse who works in a prenatal clinic). Break up cliques. Postpartum in many ways felt like the "stepchild" in OB. In both hospitals the relationship between labor and postpartum has been rather nasty. The patient speaks Somali? My name is Sarah and I have been a postpartum nurse for about a year. Labor & Delivery Nurse Vs. Operating Room Nurse. They administer epidurals and other medications and help induce labor if necessary. ....So, what are you gonna do to change things? They also help monitor the progress of the delivery by timing the contractions. Maybe this is specific to the hospital I work in but it's been that way for as long as I've been doing this...10 years now. If you want to compare helping a woman breastfeed to helping her push for three hours you are have never been in a demanding delivery, where as I have helped women breastfeed for hours. They both collaborate with health-care professionals and nurses of other labor and delivery specialties, including lactation specialists and nursery nurses. Postpartum nurses work with patients who have recently given birth, offering both care and education to help the new mother prepare to care for her baby after she leaves the hospital. Maybe you could start with something simple like that? Postpartum nurses do all of this, and usually with 6 patients. Well, if we are busy, and need beds turned over, those pts are going somewhere, and where they're going is cut them some slack. BEAUTIFULLY STATED, TABLEFOR9!!!!!!!:redbeathe:nurse::redpinkhe. :redpinkhe:yeah::heartbeat:clown: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry for the facility you work in, and I'm grateful that my PP nurses have had my back EVERY SINGLE PLACE I've ever worked. When I've worked PP, I've been the flipping boob fairy for *hours* of my shift in one room, breaking my back, thanks! We just had a potluck where each floor provided a course of a meal and then all the nurses traveled from floor to floor, eating, drinking (non-alcoholic of course) and socializing. So don't lecture me on the few good nurses, I am speaking on the PP nurses as a whole, and where I work specifically. :uhoh3: If you want, you can come sip fancy drinks, get rub downs by hott guys and take a skinny dip in the secret Post Partum pool all the real nurses don't know about; we don't mind!!! Not sure....get as many nurses as poss crosstrained. Our mission is to Empower, Unite, and Advance every nurse, student, and educator. So don't lecture me on the few good nurses, I am speaking on the PP nurses as a whole, and where I work specifically. I realize this is difficult with someone who just walks in and delivers fifteen minutes later, but gaps should be rare exceptions, and where I work, that's usually the case. In defense of PP, labor nurses at both hospitals had an attitude for the most part when they were asked to float to PP...acted like they were the "real" OB nurses...if you could not work labor and del, then you were not really on OB nurse. I have no doubt that some PP nurses are up to the challenges they are supposed to be up to. We have 6 LDR's and 3 triage rooms. L&D made it clear that the patient needs to rest and most of them will have to go home. That is not looking down upon them, that is a fact where I work sorry to say. The situation that she is describing is NOT specific to her hospital or unit. These nurses are responsible for making sure that both the mother and her baby are well cared for up until they're discharged from the hospital. Mother/Baby RN-Desire to become a Lactation Consultant-Considering CLC to start? The most important factor in all of this is mutual respect. The PP unit where I work is the dumping ground for L&D nurses who couldn't make it in L& no their skills are not on par with ours. The Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow website notes that, while some nursing positions have increasingly moved into a community setting, labor room nurses and postpartum nurses work primarily in a hospital setting. YOU JUST WANTED TO COMPLAIN!!!!! They also have the ability to pull from Med/Surg which we can't do. Nurses of both specialties work in hospital maternity wards, birthing centers, maternity centers, clinics and private doctor’s offices. Education requirements are nearly identical for both specialties. Well, pp got our old ones...hand-me-downs so to speak...thus contributing to the resentment. We also deliver fetal demises under 20 weeks. That is done by the OB/midwife. I also am thankful when L&D lays the groundwork for handling special needs. We have very distinct units for L&D and PP, with just a handful of people transitioning (long-term) from one to the other. I like to make sure my current patients are medicated and feedings are done or in progress.

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