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I'd like to receive the free email course. Pygmy goats are prone to obesity and can become fat quickly with too much feed. You can purchase heated buckets to make this easier. Your email address will not be published. The Rhue family in California and Catskill Game Farm in New York imported the first pygmy goats in 1959. I have a blanket on the horse and would love to get the goat one too, but I’m worried he will just destroy/pee on it. I can’t put sweaters on them because they destroy eveery th ing. Please try again. Does are pregnant for 145-153 days, or about 5 months. Make sure that your goats are getting the minerals that they need. You can raise goats even if you don't live in the country. Staying warm in the winter will require extra energy stores from your animals. The extra food helped her regulate her body temperature much more effectively. When you’re buying feed for your goats, don’t purchase feed that is labeled for goats and sheep. When spring arrives, they moult and lose their winter vest. Pygmy goats will need less feed than larger breeds, but they still need adequate feed, hay, water and supplements. As long as the shelter that all of them are able to fit inside they should be fine. When pastures die back, you’ll need to provide them with hay. Goats and sheep may be of similar size and appearance, but they require different nutrients. Many landowners prefer the look left behind from goats than that of heavy equipment. Pygmies themselves are small and adorable, but the kids are just too cute. When you purchase a goat, it’s always a good idea to check for anemia using the FAMACHA scoring method. Make sure that if they are in your backyard, that the fence enclosing the back yard is at least four feet tall. Barber pole worms cannot live in the digestive tract of large livestock, so co-grazing reduces the parasite loads. The milk is super rich and can contain as much as 11% butterfat. The Nigerian is doing great but what do I do about the Billy goat to keep him warm, Also I live in maine. Pygmy goats are best housed outdoors and not inside. There are good goat feeds available. (In fact, Kelli in the comments shared this link for coats that she has made before! They are herd animals and are very sad living on their own so first, I would suggest you get another female to live with your doe, and a castrated male to be a companion for your buck. Because I have only two goats their winter shelter is a large dog igloo packed with straw. In my own operation, I find that offering Bahiagrass and/or Coastal Bermudagrass hay ad lib plus 1 lb of 20% protein pellets daily will be adequate for pregnant and early lactation goats, Dec/Jan/Feb. However, pregnant goats or goats not on good pasture should be given a small amount of feed. A large water trough can be filled up for goats, but make sure that the water trough isn’t too tall for your pygmies to reach. While it’s true that she only has two teats to nurse babies with, pygmy does are very successful when it comes to raising multiple kids. The National Pygmy Goat Association is available to help new pygmy goat owners and future pygmy parents. He has a big bed of dry hay to lay in, free choice horse hay and alfalfa, a heated bucket with tepid water, free choice loose minerals and blocks. Don’t let your goats graze their pastures down to the soil. In the summer you’ll notice that water troughs can become welcoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes. I only have 2 does, so I made a area for them in my house. They are extremely versatile and require less resources than other livestock species. Pygmy kids are weaned at 8-12 weeks of age. They can weigh as much as 85 pounds and could easily tear up things in your home. Do not feed your pygmy goats alfalfa hay. A really popular reason to own goats of any breed is for land clean up. You can put diapers on them, but you may tire of changing diapers. A flake or two of a quality square bale is generally enough for a day. Also, you could try increasing his grain ration. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. We have goat-keeping friends in Maine that don’t provide additional heat in their barns, and they’ve successfully kept goats for many years. Depending on the soil in your area, there may be enough minerals to support your goats. Required fields are marked *. Even pygmies that don’t produce as much butterfat out perform many dairy breeds by producing over 4% butterfat. Goat kids are born wet and don’t have that dry protective layer. When measuring goat size, there are two main ways that you can measure them. Find out how in the free email crash course on raising goats in the city. Provided with proper nutrition, they are generally pretty healthy. Pygmy goat body care. The grass always seems greener on the other side of a fence and goats can easily get their heads through the fence with horns. The holes are small enough to keep both adults and kid pygmies inside of the pastures. I am first time goat owner I have one nanny one buck separated but next to each other in northern Michigan getting cold already there house is buck (8by10 feet Nanny’s is (8 by8) feet bucks can be closed with door nanny no door do they need heat lamp or heater cause it gets up to 30 below sometimes am going to pup door on Nanny’s help??? Straw is a wonderful insulator, and easy to compost in the spring. The nutritional needs of goats will increase dramatically over the next several months, and addressing these needs is paramount for a successful kidding season. Goats really need companionship. If you decide to raise pygmies as pets, there are some things that you should be aware of. Pygmies are extremely social and fun to be around. Their intelligence and eagerness to interact with both adults and children make them a favorite at petting zoos around the country. Copyright ©2020, Farminence. Pygmy goats can live to be 10-15 years old. Nothing takes the place of good, routine observations for changes in feed availability, body condition scores, and health problems such as pneumonia, parasites, and foot rot. If you’re interested in goats for dairy purposes but don’t have much room, then pygmy goats may be the best option for you. It’s easy to treat if caught early. Pygmy goats are very hardy and very adaptable.

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