remove old notification icons in windows 10

I spent a lot of time trying before I found your BAT file. It’s quite easy to control yourself what icons stay in the main notification area. thank you, i used to do this the manual way in W7, hope this tool can do it, Thank you hal9000 this reminds me of my days with XP and one of the first workarounds i researched.. Remove The Notification Icons Via The Registry. In the security warning dialog, click Run. Tray Cleaner 2 is a very simple and portable tool that only has three buttons on its user interface, Clean, Exit and About. Either kill and restart Explorer.exe from Task Manager or use this simple Restart Explorer batch script. The Windows notification area, also known as the system tray, shows the system clock and other important icons such as network and audio volume by default. This tool is from the same developer as the useful Network Activity Indicator and Network Lights programs, ITSamples. Alternatively, you can also use freeware CCleaner to do the job easily. Windows 10 has the option to put the icons into the visible notification area (on), or in the hidden area (off). You can also search for taskbar settings from the start menu. Your email address will not be published. Do the same for PastIconStream. When the page listing your current tray icons appears, simply press the Restore Default Tray Settings button. To do it via Task Manager, end the Explorer.exe process and go to File > New Task (Run…) and type Explorer into the Open box. But this only hides but does not remove the icons. The link to Notification_Area_Cleaner.bat in number 6 is dead. Windows 10 users need to also click “Select which icons appear on the taskbar” in Settings. They just make it easier and more comfortable from a user interface. Tray Cleaner 2 is a very simple and portable tool that only has three buttons on its … Confirm the UAC prompt if it is displayed. You might miss it because the option is grayed out and not enabled by default. All you have to do is open the CCleaner window and check the Tray Notifications Cache box in the Default section of the Windows Cleaner tab. Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP since then. Simply right click on the clock and select “Customize notification icons”. The main difference is the batch script uses only built in Windows commands. Under the Taskbar tab, click on Customize. Click Select which icons appears on the taskbar option to hide or show icons. Click the Turn system icons on or off option to turn System icons on or off. On launch, Tray Cleaner will tell you if there are any entries to clean or not. Click Run Cleaner to clear the cache. Tray Cleaner 2. When the program opens you simply press the Clean button. None of the other methods suggested here or elsewhere (even by Microsoft) worked. On checking the box a dialog will popup telling you Explorer needs to be restarted manually. Windows may not remove the program icon of the uninstalled program icon from Notification Area Icons Control Panel applet. In the panel which opens up, you can toggle the switch to show or hide the system icons. The main issue with the window that lists all the notification area icons is unused or even uninstalled software can leave entries behind and it can get a bit messy. For safety, backup the key first by right clicking on TrayNotify and selecting Export, then give the backed up .REG file a name. It displays icons of some programs which are currently active on your PC, and notifications if any. After install, right click the tray icon for the program and select “Display info for tray icons only”. Step 3 . Although it says for Windows 7 in the title bar, the tool does work fine in Windows 10, just make sure to close any Explorer or Settings windows before running. We’ve already created a simple script that will ask if you want to backup the TrayNotify key to the desktop, then delete the values and finally ask if you want to restart Explorer to complete the process. There is no way to remove anything through the select icons window and it has to be done manually. Although those redundant icons won’t appear in either the main or hidden notification areas, it’s recommended to remove them if there a number of unused entries. This opens the Taskbar Settings screen. Here you can choose to hide the notification area icons that you do not wish to see. After a few seconds, everything is back to normal. The clean button will be whited out if there is nothing to clean, which probably means you have deleted the cache without restarting Explorer afterwards. After receiving the warning that Explorer will be restarted, the icons that are not currently attached to a running program will be cleared. Ways to add icons to the Taskbar. Explorer then has to be killed and restarted. The explorer.exe process restarts, and the notification area icon cache is cleared. Weirdly, it doesn’t restart Explorer automatically or even warn that you need to manually restart it for the changes to take effect. The option can also be added to terminate and restart the Explorer process so it behaves pretty much the same as the third party utilities. When you click on that you have a window as in the following picture. It has evolved since it first appeared and is currently split into two parts, visible icons and hidden icons. Link has been fixed, thanks for the report. To show or hide system icon, typically, in Windows 10, you have to open Settings > Personalization > Taskbar and click on Turn system icons on or off link… In this way the icon will remain added to the bar until we decide to remove it. 5. The simplest way that we find to anchor an icon to the Taskbar is by selecting with the mouse pointer, keeping it pressed and then dragging it to the bar where we will drop it. Restart your explorer.exe process or your Windows computer. Double click that file to restore everything back. Run regedit and navigate to the following registry key: Delete the ‘Icon Streams‘ and ‘Past Icons Stream‘ values. Download this PC Repair Tool to quickly find & fix Windows errors automatically, Download PC Repair Tool to quickly find & fix Windows errors automatically. Removing old Windows notification icons Press [Windows R], type [regedit] and hit [enter]. Step 2 .

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