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Two years ago, I reviewed Corsair’s Lapdog, the company’s first take on a keyboard-and-mouse lapboard for couch gaming. One of the problems with Corsair’s original Lapdog is its large size. That’s an important consideration versus Corsair’s K63, which blankets the tops of the user’s legs in potentially-sweat-inducing foam. Everything from the highly ergonomic shape Built from a durable fiber/Plastic blend, the cushioned underside parts, to the perfectly placed wrist-rest ensure that everything from a single game to marathon play feels exactly the same - … The keycap stems are designed to fit into housings for rubber dome switches. You can pay an additional $50 for the Sova MK and its Roccat TTC mechanical switches, but my review unit came with rubber domes. The mouse itself is accompanied by a stand that functions as both a charging station and wireless receiver. (The QIG is available in pdf file format (Please note: Adobe Reader needed).). I’m a fan of 75% layouts, and I think they make even more sense in pure gaming applications like lapboards than they do in keyboards for mixed desktop use. Register your product. user Login search Search; Mice; Keyboards; Headsets; Mousepads; Accessories; Deals; Blog; Content Creators; search; cart; user; DON’T MISS OUT > Flip the . $ 59.99 $ 59.99. The four outer buttons on the top of the mouse are also quite well-placed. This behavior isn’t problematic when typing, but it does become troublesome when playing games that require you to hold down keys. An analog thumb-paddle, a mechanism I’ve never seen on a mouse, juts out the side of the mouse right above two of the buttons. It’s $100 price tag is $40 cheaper than that of the Leadr. This is ROCCAT Studios. The paddle can be activated with a quick flick of the thumb, but it has enough resistance to perform as a decent analog controller. Otherwise, the LEDs will dimly light the room until the mouse decides to power down. If you want a totally cool non-centering stick, all you need is an Atari 5200 controller. Nice review Nate. I wouldn’t use rubber domes if I was trying to play at peak performance, but the Sova’s membranes feel perfectly adequate for casual couch gaming. I’ve primarily used the paddle in-game to activate abilities and switch weapons. I honestly wasn’t sure whether a wireless mouse could provide the consistent, smooth experience of a wired mouse, but the Leadr has convinced me that it can. The second is to just plug the mouse right into your computer with the provided cable. It has a first-rate sensor, clicky buttons, good battery life, and a spiffy charging dock. The Sova takes a somewhat different approach than the lapboards we’ve seen so far. It is not only powerful, but quite intuitive and well laid-out. The first involves two metal prongs on the bottom of the mouse, but we’ll get into that shortly. However, for those used to lots of buttons and heavier mice, the Leadr is a fantastic rodent. Download. With multi-button, wireless and ambidextrous options in the mix, we cater to all gamers and gaming genres. However, merely 4-key rollover is worrisome. And maybe Omrons under the Smartcast buttons instead of cheapo generic no-name switches. The plastic construction keeps the weight down, which is important for a lapboard. Difficile de faire plus parlant pour présenter en un clin d’… The sensor updates about once every millisecond. I personally never ran into a key activation limitation while using the Sova, but there are games that require four or more keys to be active at once. It is really hard to find the perfect mouse, though. Mouse sensors aren’t perfect, but the occasional hiccups occur at the millisecond level. Thankfully, the plastic is just soft enough to comfortably rest your wrists on without being overly prone to scratches. Nonsense! It is flexible, but will stay in whatever shape you bend it. I could go for slightly more resistant detents, but at least each step is distinct from the next on this mouse. I read the review wondering how you remove the keyboard when you don’t want the entire lapboard, only to discover that you can’t. Thanks to Rocket Jump Ninja for the tip. They aren’t noticeable during use and shouldn’t affect in-game performance. You shouldn’t have a problem finding what you want. Kingston Expert forever! Deux ports USB vous permettront de recharger vos appareils durant votre partie, vous pourrez aussi y brancher votre casque … Even the scroll wheel clicks pleasantly when pressed down, rather than dully bottoming out. Earlier this year, Corsair revealed its K63 Lapboard, which addressed my complaints with the Lapdog and introduced even more features. Rubber domes require you to bottom out the keys to activate them, and once you activate a membrane switch, you pretty much have to keep the keycap bottomed out in order to keep the switch activated. It’s measurable only in nanoseconds, when your framerate and inputs are sampled in miliseconds. As always, I’d prefer at least double shot ABS plastic, but I’m a little more forgiving in this case since a lapboard isn’t something you’d use as your daily driver. Le Roccat Sova est proposé dans un packaging un peu plus imposant que celui des claviers habituels. The bottom of the Sova is cushioned by four cloth covered pads. The real problem with rubber domes for gaming isn’t the feel of squishing rubber—it’s the actuation point of the switch itself. The Leadr, like the Sova, is made of durable black plastic. That’s a big dealbreaker for me. Roccat Sova Wireless Modular Gaming Board As far as hybrid devices go, there are many directions that hardware makers can take, and aesthetics needn't be taken too much into account when it … I’ve also used the Leadr extensively for gaming, work, and browsing the web, and I haven’t had any problems with it. The Owl-Eye consistently produces smooth curves in MouseTester when plotting xCounts over time. Here’s a table of the Leadr’s key specifications for easy reference: Roccat’s Swarm software is one of the better pieces of peripheral software I’ve used. My only complaint with the cable is that its rubber sheath is a little too inflexible. $ 29.99 $ 29.99. Keyboards and mice just need more Xinput in general, very handy stuff. Also, trackballs for life! I mean, You can get some awfully nice lapboards for $100 and that lets you choose any wireless keyboard of your choice. The G303 itself was pressed into duty after my venerable Roccat Kova died, and although I loved the ergonomics of the Kova, the sensor itself was not… great. Vous pourrez accéder en un éclair aux commandes systèmes, aux fonctions vitales de … The Sova comfortably sat in my lap for extended periods without restricting blood flow to my legs, so it gets an A in the comfort department. I was able to use the thumb-paddle set as an analog input in Warframe and Rocket League in conjunction with keyboard and mouse controls. The mouse feels as solid as a brick. While it is quite heavy at 134 g, the weight is well-balanced and feels like a perfect 50/50 distribution. This drawing doesn’t look pretty, but it confirms that the Leadr has no built-in angle snapping, which is good news, especially for gamers. Roccat claims the Sova has N-key rollover (NKRO), but I was only able to reliably activate four keys simultaneously in AquaKeyTest, not including modifiers.

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