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The kind of happiness we often pursue — moments of pleasure, delight, bliss, gratification — is slippery, flimsy, and, like Jell-O, devoid of nutritional value. Synonyms: beatitude, blessedness, bliss… Antonyms: calamity, ill-being, misery… Find the right word. Purpose isn’t just for adults — adolescents with a greater sense of purpose held more positive self-images and greater overall well-being. He was so busy assessing each new job and country that he never fully engaged in his projects and relationships. David Kinnaman compares the sought-after American lifestyle with the rest of the world and wonders when is enough enough. In fact, I'm willing to bet that you are looking for happiness right now. By Amy Cuddy, Updated May 16, 2019, 5:01 a.m. ... Happiness hangovers can even leave us feeling empty and untethered, hungry and lost. Many of us find great meaning in caring for others or serving our communities. By looking everywhere for happiness, Tom disrupted his ability to find flow. But research shows that we should slightly relegate happiness as the transcendent goal and prioritize finding, feeling, and acting on our sense of purpose. 1) By looking everywhere for happiness, Tom disrupted his ability to find flow. It’s most likely the case that the relationship between sense of purpose and the “outcome” variables is bidirectional — they are mutually reinforcing. Happiness doesn't always come as quickly or as easily as we would like, but as we continue to look for happiness by making positive changes it does come. But, in fact, they do not want happiness; they want something else, something that replaces the happiness. SAVED WORDS dictionary. I’m not arguing that moments of pleasure are harmful, or that it’s somehow misguided to desire them. Hello, GAMES; BROWSE THESAURUS; WORD OF THE DAY; WORDS AT … A Lancet study that followed 9,000 people over age 65 showed that those higher on eudemonic well-being (i.e., with a higher sense of purpose and belief that life has meaning and is worthwhile) were less likely to die in the next eight-and-a-half years. As such, they cannot definitively determine causality among these variables. The list goes on: Sense of purpose is associated with greater productivity at work, financial success, and even enjoyment of sex for middle-aged women. 30 actions to look after ourselves and each other as we face this global crisis together. To be clear, these studies are correlational. Looking for Happiness. But hedonic happiness is a state, and states are transient. None of us can feel happy all the time. They perform better on cognitive tests, including episodic memory and speed of processing, and show fewer depressive symptoms and functional disabilities. According to the study, “having a purpose in life appears to widely buffer against mortality risk across the adult years.”. Finding Happiness by Having the Right Attitude Towards Money, Finding Happiness Through Good Money Management, Finding Happiness By Wanting the Right Things, Finding Happiness by Finding A New Occupation, The Most Important Relationship of All -- Knowing God, Finding Happiness by Taking Care of Yourself, Finding Happiness by Looking Forward to the Resurrection, Learning How to Break the Chains of Addiction, Learning How to Grieve the Loss of a Loved One, Learning How to Forgive When Someone Betrays You. But collectively, across hundreds of thousands of participants from widely varied cultures, in studies that have systematically controlled for other contributing factors, the evidence is compelling: Finding purpose and living a meaningful life certainly seem to contribute to the quality of our mental and physical health. Another word for happiness. I’ll just start with the ultima thule of health and well-being outcomes — longevity. Find more ways to say happiness, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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