rode nt1a vs nt2a

You won’t be able to just take this out of the box and plug it into a computer given that it isn’t a USB microphone.You’ll need an XLR cable in order to connect it to an audio interface or even a voice recorder. Rode NT2a vs NT1a. Rode NT1a vs. NT2a. Rode NT1A Rode NT2A The NT2A has variable pickup pattern, variable high pass filter, variable pad and costs $200 more than the NT1A. NT2A also has a presence boost that starts off in the high mids, but its effect is not as intense as in the Rode NT1A.It maintains clarity and brightness, but can still take bright sources … If you have used NT1a before and have a bad experience, let me assure you that the NT2A is a totally different beast. Getting the Rode NT1-A set up isn’t too much of a hassle but it still requires you have the right equipment. Conclusión: Rode nt1a vs nt1 vs nt2a ¿Que micrófono me recomiendan? While the Nt1 sounds a bit hollow, the NT2A … Anyone heard them both? February 26th, 2005, 05:13 AM #2: … The main difference between Rode Nt2aA vs Nt1A lies in the audio quality. A la hora de elegir tendremos una elección un poco difícil, pero de todas formas sabremos que cualquiera de los 3 sera un … I guess the 2a has the pad, bass cut, and variable pattern, but other than that, do they sound any different? Thankfully Rode … My question... are the extra features on the NT2A …

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