romney sheep for sale

W e want to show you our Romney sheep and their wonderful wool. Sheep For Sale; Eco-management; Awards; Photo Gallery; Contact; Memberships; Home Page. Not long after the first lambing and show season, we were hooked and the flock started to expand. Breeding 31. Hide Auctions 34. Registered Romney Sheep. New Zealand Romney 34. Order By. Types. We more recently added Blue Faced Leicester, Cormo and Wensleydale and hope to grow these flocks as well. Romney Marsh Sheep are a semi long-wool sheep breed which originate from England. Meet The Carlisles. Sheep 34. Grey Faced Dartmoor 4. Zwartbles 4. Welcome. We began our journey into the sheep and fiber business in June 2012, with the goals of producing high quality fiber and breeding animals here in Iowa. Breeds. Romney and Romeldale/CVM Sheep Breeding Stock and Fiber. View 6 more. In the early 1990’s, the Romney flock was started as a 4-H project with the purchase of one bred ewe and two spring lambs. Find Near Postcode Login to search location Wanted 1. Hide Sold 18. At the forefront of importing top quality New Zealand Romney breeding stock and genetics to the UK for over 30 years, High Country Romneys From the start, in 1986 we have put our Romney and Romtex sheep through a stringent breeding program to develop a type of ewe Aberfield 4. Search New Zealand Romney Sheep For Sale Grid List. We have been raising Romney sheep since 2006, starting out with 4 Registered Romney ewes and have grown the flock to around 100 head. Due to development pressure, the dairy operation was phased out and now our focus is sheep, hay and crop production. They are thought to have become indigenous to the Romney Marsh area of Kent and East Sussex sometime in the 13th Century. With a heritage that goes back nearly 800 years, they are generally regarded as being one of the oldest long-tailed sheep breeds in Europe. Breeder Name City State Phone Email; Mendenhall Wool Ranch: Loma Rica CA (530) 743-0739 Southern California Sheep/Wool: Grand Terrace CA (909) 783-0196 Hidden Valley Farm: Sharon CT (860) 364-0467 Peeper Hollow Farm: Marion IA (319) 360-2620 Oak Creek Farm: Norwalk IA (515) 460-2172 SkyLines Farm of Idaho: Harvard ID (208) 875-8747 Hartwell's Lazy PJ … Category. Romney Sheep For Sale In The USA. Sexes. Suffolk 4. Romneys are an old traditional breed, prized for their ability to thrive in many different environments from lowlands to uplands, from lush green meadows to arid, semi deserts, from Britain to New Zealand, from North America back to Britain. Lambs 17. Species. We raise our sheep mostly for their wool. Store 5. Read more.

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