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I do not know if this is relevant, but I am going to leave it here, because in searching for a solution this thread came up. What name does it have? Verify that it says "Microphone access for this device is on". Beverley, to be completely honest I would just return your microphone where you got it. 5. Mics go bad. Already tried all of the suggestions that I read here as well as on other resources. Then once it gets plugged into says unknown USB device if I right click update driver it still shows unknown device and says drivers needed are already installed.But it cannot be found at all by the PC.Basically it no longer shows as being a device at all. What is the VID and PID shown if you follow the instructions in the PDF? A relatively cheap consumer product like this won't last forever. Thinking it might be a problem that came up after the latest Windows updates I hooked it up to my Ipad and it worked for zoom session. Sign Up; ... Samson Meteor Mic … They seem like default/null values, but I try them in the CM64xx Configurator anyways. I only bought this in the spring.I bought the mic after a bunch of research but missed all this. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. If it's off, press Change and toggle it on. If you plug it in and nothing lights up at all, does it show up in Device Manager? Please contact Customer Service directly, so they can work through it. It would work in a new USB for a short bit and then shut down...a bit last a gasp for air out a new breathing hole in the ice and then the ice would form there too.Off to research a new mic and return this one. 2. I'd appreciate help, since my podcast relies on that mic :-/Thank you! Edit: The Mic works fine on another computer with Windows, so the problem must be related to the Macbook. These did not … So, let us get back to METEOR. I waited a week to ensure I had looked into all possibilities and tried all possible fixes. So I uninstalled it thinking it was a problem with Ableton. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the microphones community, Press J to jump to the feed. The instructions and firmware fixes provided do nothing.As Blaire stated this is a problem on both PC and Apple.It stopped working, I used the other USB port then it stopped working. Well, just thought I would update. The firmware program will not work if the device is still unrecognized. I cannot get the fix to work. This update can only installed on Windows systems. . 1) The mic shows up in Device Manager as Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) before and after uninstalling/restarting. I tried changing the buffer and everything related the problem that I could find online, to no avail. The other day after recording some vocals on Audacity with no issues, I wanted to try Ableton Live 10 so I downloaded a demo, but the Mic sounded awful. go into your recording devices in the volume mixer, look for a feature called "AGC". "USB Advanced Audio Device" or "Samson Meteor Mic"? In case that a glitch passed into the final version of the firmware, Samsung is undoubtedly aware of it and, most likely, there is already a firmware update available to download. - deinstalling the unknown USB device > restart the computer > plug mic inafter the second try it showed up under audio devices as "Samson Meteor" but still had a pale yellow light and a warning sign in the device manager. In Recording Devices, does the level meter show that it's picking up sound? the yellow light remains but it does not connect to the program and windows does not detect the microphone, Using the Meteor Mic with Windows Computers, USB Microphone Windows 10 Recognization Issue.pdf. I think we are on the way! If it's not working at all, then that's a different issue. Open the Zoom Conferencing app. I connected, gave blue light, but after a few seconds, the light disappeared and it did not work anymore. It was not showing up in device manager, so I moved to a different usb port and the light went from pale yellow to red. It's driving me crazy. I cannot find anyone with this particular problem on Google. I'm not sure I did anything really, just rebooted the computer just because and the mic thought I would give it another try. I got it out today on a whim and plugged it into a Macbook Pro because I needed something for a Zoom call. I hope your company is really doing something about this. BUT: after trying with the windows recording app, it records again despite being red! So I tried the document you've provided and assigned the given values and even changed them to other values but it does not work! Follow the attached instructions to install Meteor Mic's firmware update. Lo and behold, it works now! Is the output level set to minimum or the output is muted? The values (VID:0d8c,PID:016c) provided in the word file did not work. The PID and VID numbers do not work. I doubt it would be under warranty, but they may give you a discount on a new one. Yes, you figured it right – Meteor can capture clear and crisp audio from 16-20 Inches distance. Select Microphone. It is the same result for each. Just as a final update on my scenario, I tried with two other USB-B mini cables on two different machines (also on both Windows and Linux) and every time the OS couldn't find the device. It delivers. Yes, The Meteor Mic is the only USB mic that does not need and external power hub. If the firmware is corrupted, for example, it will still work, it just won't have the correct name, LED colors, or gain settings. I did then the following: I went to the device manager and looked into the usb composite controllers (details -> drop down menu "properties: hardware-IDs"). Jonathan thanks for all the questions but I have tried everything and done all the things you suggested. 3) Back to Device Manager>Properties>Events. I have switched to Firefox and everything seems to be working fine now :). 3. Including, re-installing windows three times, re-seating everything, running MEMTEST86, replacing HDD with another brand new item etc. When I encountered this issue with my microphone, it looked like the firmware corrupted (or even deleted) itself beyond repair. It immediately lit up blue and passed the mic test! Can you hear the mic signal through the headphone output? Windows 10, Samson Meteor USB mic not working Discus and support Samson Meteor USB mic not working in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem, After one of the latest Win10 updates my Samson Meteor USB mic working very strange. I'm using a Macbook Pro 2015 with Sierra (10.12.6). This is quite frustrating as I've only had the microphone for one day and it's already broken. After countless tests for some random reason now the mic is working correctly. Now the PC won't recognize the USB device. It flickered heaviliy, but it stopped after a few minutes (I muted and unmuted once, flickering intensified, the stopped). 2) In CM64xx Configuration, if I enter VID:08dc PID:016c at the bottom of the panel, I get the "Cannot find the HID device!!!"

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