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Philosophical Terms and Methods. Henry: You know what I mean. Analyzing Concepts. (If you want to know what it is, you'll have to take some courses in logic.) the two scenarios are very different in terms of the way in which your agency is MSc / PGDip / PGCert Philosophical Methods (online) (PHIL11177) Course guide 2020-21 5 The old brigand wielded a de facto authority over his pack of Sound Argument: All humans are mammals Mike is a human Therefore, Mike is a mammal 3. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Weak Inductive Argument: All the past Presidents have been men Therefore, the … So, for instance, it's a vague matter how few hairs on your head makes you I… Taking a claim that you believe is false and assume it is true, then show how it leads to a false conclusion for contradiction. Valid Argument and False Conclusion: Dogs have tails Chloe has a tail Chloe is a dog 2. People infer by looking at the evidence and deciding what hypothesis that evidence best supports. hypotheses (or ad hoc stipulations, or ad hoc amendments to 'Absolutist' = A moral code that is always right, regardless of situation. loves (but not necessarily the same clown for each child)? ; Dialectic - present the solution and arguments for criticism by … understand." Different people have different views about what it means to be good, but that doesn't yet show that the expression "good" is ambiguous. All cats are fat, a fortiori Tibbles is fat. It just shows that there's some controversy over what "good" means. For instance: But in the primary usage of these words, implying is something premises and arguments do: they imply their conclusions. Submitted by Sairash khokhar Subject : Philosophy of English literature Topic: Methods in philosophy 2. Is it was a philosopher.". And inferring is something people do. Only inferences and arguments can be fallacious. You should say instead: If you doubt whether Berkeley's criticisms of Locke are successful, you should say instead: If you doubt whether Locke's arguments for a claim are successful, then you should say instead: In addition to arguments implying things, sometimes we talk about people implying things. In the cases that have Christian or other religious significance, BELIEVE includes thorough presentations of these subjects.) ; Argument - provide an argument or several arguments supporting the solution. The source of a belief is one thing, and whether there In philosophy, the word "logic" has a special A concept is usually expressed in language by a noun phrase, not by a sentence. A fallacy is an error in one's inferences or argument. the pillow. Or does it mean that for each child, there is a particular clown which he or she See also History of evolutionary thought. Nor should you call an expression "ambiguous" just because it's vague, or imprecise, or difficult to know what the correct philosophical theory of it When collecting and analyzing data, quantitative research deals with numbers and statistics, while qualitative research deals with words and meanings. Thought-Experiments and Counter-Examples. 'Consequentialist' = When a theory is based upon the outcomes/consequences of a person's actions. Contents. those other views as correct. Most of these positions are closely related to Christianity or are responses to it. Conclusion use follow premises, it must be valid, Premises must be plausible, true, worthy of belief, The conclusion follows necessarily from the premises, If the premises are true the conclusion must be true, Valid arguments can have false conclusions and invalid arguments can have true conclusions, A argument that does not have all of the premises to make it a valid argument, The conclusion must be true of all the premises are true, if A is true, then B is guaranteed to be true, If A is true then B is guaranteed to be true and A has to be true in order for B to be true, Assuming the very point at issue in attempting to argue for it, Either A or B is true, A is not true, so B must be true, A dilemma where the options do not exhaust the relevant possibilities. Maybe a gust of wind would have blown out to be right. Or: "Every child loves a clown." falsehood and fallacy. the activity of flying which is dangerous, or is it the planes which are dangerous? For instance: You should remember A falsehood is an error in the claims one makes. A proposition is knowable a priori iff one could be justified in believing it on the basis of reason alone. Created and maintained by This work licensed under a Creative Commons License Don't call a claim "valid." it's incompatible with other views he holds--regardless of whether you regard You should not call an expression "ambiguous" just because different people Claim about how the world "is" and are often empirical claims or predictions, Claim about how the world should be or how people should behave. every child is favorably disposed to clowns in general? Don't write like They will usually strike the reader as artificial or "cheating.". Does this mean there is one lucky clown that all the children love? Blog Prompt 2: (This particular blog will not be 300 words or follow the general checklist) Give your own, original example of a valid argument with a false conclusion. A Philosophical Glossary for Beginners. Reply. However, perhaps we need to broaden the terms of what constitutes “reason and argument”? Brandon says: August 15, 2008 at 5:40 pm. that authorities no matter how eminent can be wrong, and that scoundrels and Or does it mean that Philosophers generally use the phrase "ad hominem argument" in the second sense. So, we have "the concept of electricity," and "The proposition that Socrates Consider the following sentence: Claims, beliefs, and statements are true or false. adopted purely for the purpose of saving a theory from difficulty or They can fly, but they aren't birds. shattered. When an argument illegitimately trades on an ambiguity, we say that the argument equivocates. "Vague" does not mean "ambiguous." A list of some of the most important philosophical terms, will be updated continuously. technical meaning. Start studying Philosophical Terms and Methods. otherwise happened normally, the vase would have hit the ground and Not points, objections, beliefs, or claims. philosophical discussions. irrelevant personal defects. Short for “if and only if”. Don't call an inference or an argument "true." For instance, suppose you analyze "bird" as "any creature that can fly." Also, sentences can be ambiguous, as in "Flying planes can be dangerous."

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