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Structures and Functions in C. Last updated on July 27, 2020 Like all other types, we can pass structures as arguments to a function. So it should be no surprise that it can also return a pointer to structure variable. So in such cases instead of passing members individually, we can pass structure variable itself. All Rights Reserved by Suresh, Home | About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy. In lines 7-13, a structure company is declared with four members namely name, ceo, revenue, pps. Structure is a user-defined datatype in C language which allows us to combine data of different types together. and then returns the structure variable p to the called function i.e main(), where it is assigned back to the variable p. In line 23, the print_struct() is called again with the same argument as before to check whether the details have been modified by deduct_fees() or not. Here struct is a keyword, which tells C compiler that a structure is being defined.member1, member2 …memberN are members of the structure or just structure members and rmust be declared inside curly braces ({}).Each member declaration is terminated by a semi-colon (;).The tagname is the name of the structure and it is used to declare variables of this structure type. Unlike arrays, the name of structure variable is not a pointer, so when we pass a structure variable to a function, the formal argument of print_struct() is assigned a copy of the original structure. C Structures. In this tutorial we will be using some of those concepts. In line 21, the print_struct() function is passed an argument of type struct player. If you don't want to call a function to modify the original structure use the keyword const. In the earlier section, we have learned how to pass structure members as arguments to a function. In line 20, a structure variable p of type struct player is declared and initialized. So they cannot be used in C Structures. Now even though we are passing a structure pointer to print_struct() function, any attempt to modify the values of the structure will result in compilation error. For example: This function accepts an argument of type pointer to struct movie and returns and a pointer of type struct movie. We can pass individual members, whole structure variable, or structure pointers to the function. The functio… In lines 20-24, an array of structure called companies of type struct company is declared and initialized. The style of code that we have written here, the same style coding is followed in this course. Functions inside Structure: C structures do not permit functions inside Structure; Static Members: C Structures cannot have static members inside their body; Access Modifiers: C Programming language do not support access modifiers. In lines 34-41, a for loop is used to loops through the array of structure and prints the details of each company. You will learn to return struct from a function with the help of examples. Any changes made by function print_struct() doesn't affect the original structure variable in the main() function. In line 26, print_struct() is called again but this time ptr_m2 is passed to it. In lines 7-13, a structure of type player is declared with 4 members namely name, height, weight and fees. In line 19, all the three members of structure variable stu are passed to the print_struct() function. Lets get started... To pass a structure to a function we have to properly declare the function parameter list. Limitations of C Structures. The following program demonstrates how we can pass an array of structures to a function. In lines 7-14, a structure movie is declared with 5 members namely title, language, director, year and rating. The following program demonstrates how we can return structure pointers from a function. C Structure and Function In this tutorial, you'll learn to pass struct variables as arguments to a function. It is somewhat similar to an Array, but an array holds data of similar type only. We can verify this fact by making the following amendments to our program.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'overiq_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',136,'0','0'])); In the main function add the following line after the call to print_struct() function. To return a structure from a function we must specify the appropriate return type in the function definition and declaration. In this case, the return_type is the keyword void. If the structure is large and you are passing structure variables frequently then it can take quite a bit of time which make the program inefficient. Just as we can return fundamental types and arrays, we can also return a structure from a function. In line 22, two pointer variables ptr_m1 and ptr_m2 of type struct movie are declared and ptr_m1 is assigned the address of m. In line 24, print_struct() is called to print the details of the movie. Structures and Functions. In C, we can also create an array of structure variable where each element of the array will represent structure variable. Certainly passing 9-10 members is a tiresome and error-prone process. In line 14, the prototype of function print_struct() is declared which accepts an argument of type struct student. Return Type − A function may return a value. Both structures reside in different memory locations and hence they are completely independent of each other. Since the name of the array is a constant pointer to the 0th element of the array, the formal argument of print_struct() is assigned the address of variable companies. Leave a Comment / C Programming / By Rohit. In line 14, a prototype of function print_struct() is declared which accepts three arguments namely name of type pointer to char, roll_no of type int and marks is of type int. C program - passing Structures By … This is an important topic. Let's start with passing individual member as arguments to a function. In line 19, print_struct() function is called along with argument stu. Fazle Rabbi Ador : 151-15-5482 Tasnuva Tabassum Oshin : 151-15-4673 Masumer Rahman : 151-15-5040 2. If that is what you intentionally want that's fine. In this tutorial we will learn to pass structures to functions in C programming language. Like all other types, we can pass structures as arguments to a function. The downside of passing structure pointer to a function is that the function can modify the original structure. So now str_arr is pointing to the original array of structure, any changes made inside the function will affect the original structure. In line 15, the prototype of function print_struct() is declared which accepts an argument of type array of structures. This verifies the fact that changes made by print_struct() function affect the original array. In line 19, a structure variable dev of type struct employee is declared and initialized. From lines 25-27, three printf() statement prints name, roll_no and marks of the student. In line 25, print_struct() is called along with argument companies. However, C structures have some limitations. In line 20, print_struct() is called along with along with the address of variable dev. In the following example are are creating a student structure. Arrays of structures. Structures And Functions In C Programming. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'overiq_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_2',140,'0','0'])); The printf() statements from lines 27-30 prints the details of the developer. In this article, we are going to discuss Structures and Functions.

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