shim banjo neck

All Rights Reserved. 3 hrs, 'Bart Reiter 11” Bacophone Plus, Whyte Laydie & Bacon tone ring & HSC' 3 hrs. Hide these Google ads: join the Players Union! All Forums I've never tried it.With a nice banjo like an RB3, you might strongly consider getting the neck heel properly recut by an expert, such as FQMS or one of the builders on the BHO.Good luck.Alex Z. I use a 3/4" bridge because my banjo was designed this way.Note: my action is lower than it appears in that picture (just over 1/8" at the 22nd fret). Conversely, shimming until there's a gap between the fret board and the tension band may very well lower the string height to be unacceptable or unplayable. Using a straightedge or pressing the 3rd string at the 1st and 22nd frets, check to see if the banjo neck … The banjo neck used in this example was already shaped and the heel wasn’t cut at all. I find this is far superior to trying to make the flimsy rod do a job that out of its league. Is that because the action was initially higher than you liked and did you do that yourself?Regards from London., Tanbark - Posted - 04/10/2008:  13:00:16. Fits to butt end of neck on all these banjos with adjustable action. Shims can and do affect the tone of a banjo. I've had good results with aluminum flashing, feeler gauges, wood veneers, and even shaped wood coffee stirrers from Starbucks.I once spent a morning experimenting with different materials--metal, wood veneers, plastic--and found no difference in tone that I could tell.However, some very knowledgeable people here on the Hangout counsel against any kind of shims, preferring a small space between the neck and the tension hoop.Your mileage may vary...Best,John~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~John or, Ian_banjo - Posted - 04/11/2008:  09:15:08, The general feeling here is that shimming doesn't much affect the tone if it is done right, but my only experience contradicts this. country frank - Posted - 04/10/2008:  09:32:43, Thor, it looks like you have had to cut the heel pretty significantly on your stealth judging by the endgrain visible on that picture. Dowel sticks are a pain in the rear. Learn clawhammer from the beginning, with basic technique exercises and lots of great old-time and traditional songs to play. You can also lower the bridge some. ', 'Bart Reiter 11” Bacophone Plus, Whyte Laydie & Bacon tone ring & HSC'. Before any adjustments are made to change the string action on your banjo neck, the neck should be examined for proper straightness. Ii've got an RB-3 wreath, and the cut at the base of the neck was tilted more than usual, which makes the "drop" of the neck fairly extreme, relative to the plane of the head. TB. This small angle allows for adjustment to take place. I like using the brass pieces from a standard set of feeler gauges to shim the heel.If I need to change the neck angle from a 1/2" to a 5/8" bridge I use thicker(.030" to .050")  mahogany or maple veneer. If the banjo isn't right with the temporary shim, I'd suggest Rudy's ideas would be the best option. If it is not excessive, yes, I would shim at the top lag. I had the exact same situation on an old "Masterpiece" banjo. Nearly all stringed instruments have the neck attached at an angle. 'Luscomb Banjo Serial Numbers: ' 34 min, 'Boil the Cabbage Down bluegrass banjo lesson by Chris Quinn.' The neck is hitting the tension hoop at the fingerboard and it would take a lot of sanding to give enough room for a solid neck to pot fit.  ARCHIVED TOPIC: Effect of shimming a neck? These are about 1" long with knurled heads measuring 1/2" in diameter. Edited by - BanjoSampler on 03/04/2019 18:16:44, lightgauge - Posted - 03/04/2019:  21:02:21. However, if I use a brass cage to move the dowel towards the skin & to lower the action without unnecessary modification to the pot, then I like to shim heel-to-pot @ fretboard to reduce play & to protect the dowel-to-heel joint. 55 min, 'Bach (Petzold) Minuet in G: banjo duet' 1 hr, 'RB800 Resonator, rim, & neck for sale' 1 hr, 'Explain the ball bearing system to me' 2 hrs, 'Looking for white keystone tuner knobs.' Includes metal spacer, wood shim and 2 brass tacks shown only. Learn clawhammer from the beginning, with basic technique exercises and lots of great old-time and traditional songs to play. I removed the shim and set it up again; this lowered the action a tad, but also changed the tone. You will not only have to shim where the neck meets the pot, but you will also have to shave the dowel stick to get the fit just right. Can be used in various ways by banjo … I also might ask what strings you are using. If you decide to reverse it you're not out anything.good luck,Joe, ban-joe - Posted - 04/10/2008:  17:52:16, Edited by - ban-joe on 04/10/2008 17:53:21, snakeherd - Posted - 04/10/2008:  18:18:34, beeliner - Posted - 04/10/2008:  21:44:48, A "feeler gauge" mentioned by Alex Z works great with no change in tone. If you find that your banjo sounds good, with heelpiece to rim contact, don't worry. Weekly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, banjo news and more. Bill Rogers - Posted - 04/09/2008:  22:36:36, Typically a neck is shimmed to lower the action, which isn't your problem. This could affect the tone as well.Some like a thin hardwood shim, same wood as the neck, with the logic that the same wood doesn't affect the tone. Many of us believe the neck to tonering and rim joint is important to be well fitted and snug. DVD-quality lessons (including tabs/sheet music) available for immediate viewing on any device. I keep a dozen or so popsicle sticks and a black Sharpie marker in my toolchest... these usually work fine for run-of-the-mill banjo setup.... not recommended for a fine, vintage banjo. Re-cutting the neck angle is almost invariably a better solution to the proper neck angle than shimming, once the proper neck angle has been determined. For thinner shimming I like to use brass shim, too. Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. 'Luscomb Banjo Serial Numbers: ' 34 min, 'Boil the Cabbage Down bluegrass banjo lesson by Chris Quinn.' More Photos: Knurled Thumbscrews - Plated steel thumbscrews. A shim at either end of the heel must leave an air gap somewhere in the middle, however small, which is bound to change the vibrational coupling compared to that of a … 3 hrs, 'Bart Reiter 11” Bacophone Plus, Whyte Laydie & Bacon tone ring & HSC' 3 hrs. I've got a temporary shim in place - see picture.What do you recommend? The Gibson I worked on for a friend had a high action and a thin shim at the back of the heel. Learn clawhammer from the beginning, with basic technique exercises and lots of great old-time and traditional songs to play. Don't have any opinion on what shimming does for tone.Mark RalstonA man comes to this world naked and bare; He goes through life with troubles and care; He departs this life and goes we don’t know where; But he’ll be all right there if he lives all right here ............................................... Uncle Dave Macon, To Ian_Banjo: what was the material of the shim that you removed?Alex Z, Hi Folks,I have shimmed many banjos with no ill effects.

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