shrimp egg roll recipe video

Now the fun part is rolling the egg rolls. Deselect All. The only step in prep that takes a little time is shredding the cabbage. Once you get the … This recipe includes video instructions on how to roll egg roll wrappers. 4 cups (about 1/2 of a 12-ounce bag) dry coleslaw mix. These are perfect to make ahead and freeze for later! These Easy Shrimp Egg Rolls are the best homemade appetizer that can be served baked or fried. You then combine all of the ingredients and mix well. I use my food processor and the cabbage is shredded in no time. Making shrimp egg rolls really is an easy process. 4 ounces cooked and chopped ready-to-eat I use canned shrimp in my egg roll recipe because it’s easier and faster than peeling raw shrimp.

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