shrimp egg rolls

For Egg Rolls: Lay out the egg roll wrapper. Be sure to whip up some extra sauce because it will NOT last long! Bonefish Grill’s Bang Bang Sauce is popular for a reason, it’s delicious! When we make deep fry foods like these shrimp egg rolls at home, they are usually reserved for a special occasion like a potluck party. It is a good time to bond over delicious fried food. Carefully wrap the egg roll, being careful to keep it tight so the ingredients don’t fall out. Add about 2 TBS of cabbage mix to the center, then 2 TBS shrimp, cheese slice, and some sauce. It’s also VERY easy to make yourself. These Bang Bang Shrimp Egg Rolls take the popular Bang Bang Shrimp recipe to the next level! But I also like to surprise my family once in a while with crunchy treats like these on a Friday night or a weekend family dinner. Shrimp Egg Rolls For Family Dinner and Potluck Party. They are incredibly easy to make, and everyone will LOVE them!

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