sliding gate opener installation

As long as your boundary has sufficient length to accommodate the width of the gate at least twice plus around 600mm then you can have a sliding gate in very compact properties, and in busy areas. Make sure that the post lines up with the opening, and again, concrete carefully and deeply into position. Decide at this point if your automatic gate opener will be solar, or mains powered. The Automatic Gate Opener will open only on instruction, and close and lock behind you. stream Coach screws (to fix the brackets to the timber posts), An angle grinder (If cutting the track for brackets). It weighs 65 pounds. 9 0 obj 2 0 obj Where the gate sits on the motor gear fix the gear rack to the gate. This bracket can be adjusted, but as with all parts of this process, it is imperative that you measure and fix to the right place. Fix the gate catcher. This gate opener produces a high level of force. <> Stand clear of the gate opener during operation and always be aware of the <> Incorrectly installed gate posts will cause you untold issues later on. <> Starting Points when Installing an Automatic Sliding Gate Opener A sliding gate will operate without swinging out or inwards. Take a look at the driveway opening, and consider what fencing or barrier you will run up to the gates, and how you will be fixing the gates to the boundary barrier. Learn How To Build A Driveway Gate Yourself-(DIY), Install Fence and Gate Opener to Keep Your Belongings Safe. <> endobj If you don’t have a concrete or solid driveway extending underneath the gate, then give some thought to improving the current surface- you need to attach the track to it. 3 0 obj You can approach in your car, activate the gate and drive straight in. No need to find street parking nearby, get out of the car to open the gate, get back in, drive through, park again, get back out and secure it behind. Hopefully, you can see how easy it is to install a sliding gate opener for your home, and this has given you the confidence to attempt to install it yourself. If you are going to power your automatic sliding gate opener by mains power, then you need to have a supply close to where you will be positioning the motor. A power drill that is suitable for concrete. If you do have any dips or humps then level those out before attaching the track. No longer will you be forgetting to lock the gate, having to leave it open, or having an unsecured driveway or entrance to your property. Calculate the positioning of the catcher post by measuring from the face of the current fence. The gate will not work well if nearby loose stones or gravel get in the way whilst it is moving. This is the 2000 model and it doesn’t require batteries. The Sentry automatic sliding gate opener’ package includes all hardware for installation, two remote controls, battery charger, AC transformer, control box, linear actuator and instruction. No Batteries. endobj 1 0 obj Make sure that you have sufficient time – this is a weekend job, not an after-work one. endobj <>/Metadata 1083 0 R/ViewerPreferences 1084 0 R>> What makes this a unique choice for an automatic gate opener is that you can add up to 23 remote controls which can be integrated into the system. The track center point must be around 90mm from the face of the gate posts you have fitted. 11 0 obj The power source is … Sliding Gate Opener Model: DKC400Y Installation Manual WARNING Read and thoroughly understand all instructions before installing or operating this automatic gate opener. Do not fix the gate track down until you are certain of the positioning. 4 0 obj <> <> Secondly, they make getting in and out of your property simple – as long as you have the code or access key, security first! <> For anyone with restricted parking in their location, this is perfect.

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