smitten kitchen kale quinoa salad

Here are a few ways to make it even heartier. Namaste.” said one (who happens to live in the granola paradise of Vancouver). “I say the phrase ‘kale and quinoa salad’ — quick, what springs to mind?” I asked a gaggle of friends and food-lovers on Facebook. louie734 on April 13, 2014 This is insanely, improbably good. “Yoga pants. Veggies + Dip: Serve with veggies sticks and homemade Classic … I love making a batch of this kale & quinoa salad and grazing on it throughout the day, it’s so GOOD! Kale Quinoa Salad makes for a light and healthy lunch or dinner. Before putting this salad together for you, I decided the project needed a little market research. Had only two leaves of kale on hand and no ricotta salata, but this still turned out great - a salad-y grain dish rather than a grain-y salad.

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