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No. What grades will qualify for a S- and how will it impact my GPA? Enrollment and Scheduling - Advanced Users. Discuss your situation with your course instructor. There are a number of reasons a student might want to repeat a course. During what periods of time may undergraduate students elect to convert assigned grades to a S/S-/NC basis? What can I do? Who is eligible to elect to convert assigned grades to a S/S-/NC basis once grades are assigned by instructors? Experience Saint Mary’s. the students. You cannot drop all your courses. Under a pass/fail grading system, any student that meets a minimum grade, say a C, would earn a pass, or a “P”, in that class. S and S- will not count in the 12 hours. 2020/04/02 at 6:19 PM - Connor Pittman SMU announced a new temporary grading policy on Thursday, aimed to lessen the disruption caused by COVID-19 for Spring 2020 classes. Yes, this policy applies to all undergraduate SMU enrollments for Spring 2020. Effective fall 2010, courses taken on SMU Abroad fall and spring term programs At the end of the spring 2020 term, instructors will submit course grades based upon the grading scale in their syllabi as they would do at the end of any other term. or advisers concerned with these requirements will make these exclusions known to How will declaring a S/S-/NC affect my inclusion on the Spring 2020 Honor Roll? What if I elect for a S- or NC in my DISC course? The S- will have hours earned but will not be included in your GPA. Will the S/S-/NC options for Spring 2020 become permanent options for students? I hope you are adjusting to your studies online in response to efforts to keep our campus community as safe as possible during the COVID outbreak. Since individual scenarios will vary, please talk to your advisor. Grades of S will not affect VA benefits. How will this affect my eligibility? Master of Science in Data Science Program, Temporary Grading Policy for Spring 2020 (PDF), Spring 2020 Undergraduate Alternative GPA Calculator, Guide for Undergraduate Student to Declare an Optional Grade, Video Tutorial for Undergraduate Student to Declare an Optional Grade. studies, that may not be taken pass/fail by a particular student. That is your grading basis for the course. petition for a course taken on an SMU Abroad summer program is the fourth day of Grades typically are posted each night beginning with the first day of scheduled exams. You cannot change an Incomplete to S/S-/NC. The only exception to this policy You must earn 12 or more hours with a grade of A – D- with a term GPA that meets the Honor Roll cutoff. A grade change must be initiated by the instructor who taught the course and authorized by the department chair and course dean of the department in which the course was offered. However, if your final grade is F, you can elect to change the F to a NC. At the time the course is completed or the Incomplete expires, you’ll have 48 hours to elect the S, S-. In hopes to ease the impact on GPAs, the policy gives students the freedom to choose between the usual letter grade or the new temporary grading system. We received many emails and calls from you requesting that we modify our grading policies because of this unusual semester. For any other languages, you must repeat the initial course. Seniors must act promptly as the deadline will be quick - May 19, 2020, at 5:00 pm CST. Can I use this option? Since the NC and the S- are not calculated in the GPA, repeats of these courses will not count against the limit of 6 grade replacement repeats. The S grade will meet pre-requisites. A grade of “S” will satisfy subset requirements. There are additional FAQ’s touching on some of these categories. A S- or NC will not satisfy DISC requirements, and you must retake the course. If I take an Incomplete and then complete the course, and I’m disappointed in my final grade can I use the S, S-, NC grading option? No. For assistance using my.SMU, go to the Student Tutorial and click on "View and Print My Grades." Library Service Centre The Writing Centre Athletics & Recreation Student Employment ITSS SMUSA. If the “S-“ is in FREN or SPAN 1401, you may go on to enroll in FREN or SPAN 1502.

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