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It now also has branches in Switzerland, Italy, China and the US. Comments. Since its publication by Kogan-Page in 2017 Book Authority has recognized it one of the top 40 books on branding Having been formally trained as a composer and musician at a music conservatoire, he went on to journey 32,000 miles across the world on a social music experiment backed by Stephen Fry, The Huffington Post, and a plethora of global brands. Reply. Share. Share. Resonance Sonic Branding is an audio branding agency that helps companies establish a unique sonic brand, or soundscape, that delivers a higher impact with consumers on all platforms that use audio. Tweet. Max De Lucia is co-founder and client director of specialist sonic branding agency DLMDD. Pin. Brand Identity. MassiveMusic is an international creative music agency offering sonic branding, music composition and music production for advertising, with offices in Amsterdam, London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Work with your sonic branding agency to create a sound that conveys the right feeling from your customers. In order to help brand marketers understand the idea of using sound as a strategic branding tool, I co-authored a book with Professor Laurence Minski of Colombia College, which explains the reasons, research and process needed to sell in, create and deploy a sonic brand. Consider the ‘whoosh’ sound you hear on an Apple device when you send an email – helping you to feel relaxed and confident that your communications are getting through. 4. The professional team at Sound Agency went with us through entire process, taught us a lot about sound, its impact and all of its beneficial effects. Email. Imagine the digital bleeps of the Intel logo that conveys a sense of innovation and simplicity. “Creation of corporate identity is always an exciting journey but development of your very own sonic logo and entire audio branding is on another level. Principles of Design , October 22, 2020 Yes we totally agree with you that sonic branding is going to revolutionize the way we brand our product and services. “Asking a sonic branding agency if you just do sonic logos is like asking a visual agency if they only do business cards.” So says Michele Arnese, CEO and founder at sonic branding company Amp, which has headquarters in Germany. Sonic Branding & Music Strategy The Sound of UEFA Europa League Sonic Branding & Music Strategy. Max is the co-founder and client director of specialist sonic branding agency DLMDD.

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