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That is required for passing a state examination, which in turn is a requirement for applying for a Dutch nurse registration. Fax: (613) 730-1911 10 Huntingdale Blvd. Tel. Box 8100 18 months’ work experience since graduation an asset. E-mail: kkrieger@elcic.ca Ottawa, ON K1N 8E6 Website: www.sim.ca, Doctors, nurses, midwives, dieticians, hospital administrators, dentists, medical technologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, ophthalmologists, pharmacists, community health care workers. Fax: 905-625-1812 EMAS is a Christian, interdenominational charitable non-governmental organization. E-mail: csih@csih.org Voluntary: Volunteers are expected to fundraise for orientation, travel costs, living allowance, medical insurance, etc. : 905-625-4457 Website: www.redcross.ca/overseaspersonnel. : (819) 997-5006 In areas of conflict there are needs for health professionals with clinical skills including surgeons, anesthetists, lab technologists, medical administrators, nurses, midwives and prosthetists. Ottawa, ON K1P 5H3 More information on our educational program for international nurse jobs in Holland? Tel. Tel. Fax: 613-798-0990 Over 21 years of age. 302 - 393 Portage Avenue Fax: 905-640-2186 CNA sends volunteer Canadian nursing consultants but does not employ nurses to work on these overseas projects. Some long-term postings are available. Free job posting site, jobs in UK England, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, listing expat opportunities & internships abroad Website: www.wusc.ca. Must be Canadian citizen or landed immigrant. Tel. P.O. : 416-924-9192 (or 9199 ext. E-mail: feedback@redcross.ca Website: www.acdi-cida.gc.ca/index.htm. With the registration, you’ll be qualified to carry out your profession as a nurse in professional institutions. Ultimately, you’ll end up working in nursing homes, general hospitals or psychiatric institutions. For information on nursing in a specific country, including requirements for registration, you should contact the national nursing association directly. Sigma Theta Tau International, the Honor Society of Nursing, a great resource which offers a job board, reports that "countries around the world are facing critical nursing shortages. Click here to register your CV and start applying. Participants are expected to be active in the church life of the hosting country. Infrequently: health services administrators, among others. To ensure our nurses meet the needs of our clients and patients, it is crucial they are able to communicate in Dutch. Volunteers in Mission (Ms. Jill Cruse) Tel. The organization, founded in 1899, works to ensure that people worldwide have access to quality nursing care. Strictly voluntary with travel expenses and a living allowance provided. Toronto, ON M4Y 3G2 Fax: 613-241-3845 Public health background. Both voluntary and salaried positions are available. Various disciplines including physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, etc. Middle East. Website: ca.aimint.org. V3L 2A1 E-mail: yip@csih.org Website: www.volunteerinternational.ca, Public health nurses, doctors, dentists and physiotherapists. Internships available to unemployed or under-employed health professionals aged 19-30 for internships in health promotion, public health and information technology capacity-building. E-mail: hope@hope-international.com Finding a job in healthcare with a competitive salary and decent working conditions might be tough in your home country, but not in all EU member states. 214 Sixth Street Fax: 780-485-5510 1404 Scott Street : 416-967-1611 ext.221 Tel. E-mail: info@ceci.ca You can run into some of the same visa issues as with the US though. Tel. Canmore, AB T1W 2T8 E-mail: msfcan@msf.ca E-mail: info@e-i.org Ottawa, ON K1Y 4M8 Montreal, QC H1W 1A3 The Practice of Nursing > Volunteer is supported by a local Canadian Anglican parish. That’s why we’ve developed an educational program, which prepares applicants for their international nursing career in the best possible way. By your continued use of this site you accept such use. 30 - 5155 Spectrum Way You may wish to contact the organizations that offer work in the fields and regions that interest you. Edmonton, AB T6L 6X8 : 416-964-0619 / 1-800-982-7903 An international interdenominational evangelical mission organization. Registry is searched by CSIH on behalf of employers such as Canadian and non-Canadian development organizations and consulting firms, and by professionals seeking colleagues with specific experience. Website: www.cciorg.ca, General or professional skills or student. There are 4,238 Nursing jobs within 10 miles of Europe available on totaljobs.com right now. Fax: (819) 953-6088 Feel free to contact us or apply immediately at the website. Today, if you are a Canadian nursing professional interested in working abroad, you can be assured that your skills are very much in demand. MSF is looking for nurses, physicians, midwives and occasionally nutritionists and epidemiologists. Mississauga, ON L4W 5A1 1-2 years; there is some flexibility, but no short-term (2-3 wks) placements are available. 3 - 843 Youville Drive West After this introduction period you’ll follow another language course in which you’ll learn to master the Dutch language at an advanced level. : 708-485-5505 Fax: 514-875-6469 P.O. Red Cross training required. Nurses work in a variety of contexts, and the work is often more organizational and managerial than clinical. Fax: (514) 875-6469 Mission in the World Program Coordinator Fax: 416-969-9797 : 416-751-6077 Website: http://www.anglican.ca/partnerships/vim/. Volunteer. Website: www.ceci.ca. : (604) 525-5481 3185, rue Rachel Est 35 countries in Asia and Africa. Toronto, ON M5S 2T9 Missions to Africa, South America, Asia, Middle East and Europe. Must fundraise for expenses. An interdenominational evangelical relief, rehabilitation, leadership training and community development organization. Fluency in French or Spanish is highly recommended. Nepal and countries in Africa, Central and South Pacific, and Central and South America. : (514) 875-9911 When you apply at Eduployment for international nursing jobs in Europe, you are investing valuable time and effort into working at our organization. Box 4050 Contact person: Frans van DoornPhone: +31-6-52 442 382E-mail: info@eduployment.nl. Most placements are for 2 years. BScN or RN diploma and 2 years’ practical nursing experience. Amongst other things, we offer you: The nursing jobs of our Dutch healthcare partners consists of providing care and assistance for their clients in and around the vibrant city of Amsterdam. … Volunteers must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents. International nursing jobs in Europe. Volunteers must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Fax: (604) 525-3471 Contact MSF directly. Frequently: Community health doctors, nurses, nutritionists. Hull, QC K1A 0G4 : 905-640-2111 Some additional training may be required. Website: www.cmds-emas.ca, All medical professionals (registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants). 151 Slater Street, Suite 806 : 613-234-1364 315) VSO aims to support disadvantaged people in fulfilling their rights to physical, mental and social health, and improving their access to health services. Some shorter-term placements are available where there is a particularly high need. All expenses are paid and field workers are provided with a living allowance and small salary. Interested or questions? Working at the community level, volunteers concentrate on the promotion of health and rehabilitation through basic education and preventative work.

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