st vincent's graduate nurse program 2020

graduate program for nurses; clinical facilitation; traineeships; Employment opportunities. If you have not been selected for an interview you will receive a letter via email. We offer extensive education programs, including a minimum of 5 paid study days as well as access to ward based education, twilight seminars and short courses. Graduate nursing program St Vincent's Private Hospital Northside offers a Graduate Nursing Program for nurses who have recently completed their undergraduate degree. St Vincent’s Graduate Nurse Programs are part time of 0.8EFT and include Aboriginal Graduate Nurse Program, Care of the Older Person Graduate Nurse Program, Enrolled Nurse Transition to Practice Program, Mental Health Graduate Nurse Program and Registered Nurse Graduate Program. St Vincent's Graduate Nurse Programs are part-time programs of 0.8EFT. You don’t have to have completed a clinical placement with us to apply. Applications for interstate and New Zealand applicants close on the same date as applications for computer match close- Midday Wednesday 5th August 2020, International applicants (international students who have studied a Bachelor of Nursing degree or equivalent at an Australian university) are welcome to apply directly to the hospital and if selected for an interview, will have the opportunity to attend an interview with applicants who have applied through computer match. St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne Pty Ltd, Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme, Referral Templates and Pre-Referral Guidelines, Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM), Home Based Allied Health Services (Domiciliary/Rescare), Aged Psychiatry Assessment and Treatment Team (APATT), Hospital in the Home (St Vincent's at Home), Education Events for Health Professionals, Pharmacy Student Clinical Placement Program, Pharmacy Summer Vacation Student Positions. We don’t require you to assemble your application in a particular order and if you wish you can staple or bind your application. Research & Education. Graduates are encouraged to rotate into a specialty area as part of the program. Employment. Email:, A facility of St Vincent's Health Australia, We also uniquely have medical and surgical residents/registrars and after hours onsite HMO’s who are available to assist you with patient care. Workday will require you to upload a document to complete the registration process, this can be your cover letter and resume. The Education & Development team at St Vincent’s Private Melbourne is a recognised industry leader and plays a significant role in the success of the organisation. Will I get extensive clinical experience as I have heard that private hospital patients are not as acute as public hospital patients? 59 Victoria Parade Registered Nurse Graduate Program Coordinator The 2021 Registered Nurse Graduate Program is offered to nursing graduates: The overall aim of the program is to facilitate your transition from student to registered nurse. All campuses are easily accessible via public transport. What level of allied health support is available? Upon completion of the program you may have the opportunity to work in a variety of clinical areas, including specialty areas or to further extend yourself with post graduate studies. SVHNS Improvement Science Program; St Vincent’s Curran Foundation Scholarship in Quality and Safety ; Online Payments . Within our clinical areas you will be encouraged to make the most of the opportunities available to care for patients with a range of clinical conditions. Please address your application to: Fleur Gladwell Transition Programs. We know that you have put a lot of time and effort into preparing your application and we will open and review all applications. These services also offer great support to nursing staff and are always willing to answer any questions you have regarding their service and also patient care. All of our RN graduates are employed on a permanent ongoing contract. We require applicants to register with our online HR system-Workday. Unfortunately we will not be able to offer unsuccessful applicants the opportunity to resubmit part or all of their application. We only require you to complete a maximum of two weeks night duty during the program. All documents must then be sent in hard copy. All applications will be opened and reviewed by the Graduate Program Coordinator. 2 x 6 month rotations will allow you to enhance decision making skills and critical thinking skills across a broad clinical mix. You do not need to have undergraduate experience in any of the clinical areas. enhance your decision making and critical thinking skills, Thoracics/Haematology/Renal/Palliative Care, Neurosciences/Orthopaedics/Urology/Gynaecology, General surgery, Orthopaedics, ENT, Plastics, Midwifery (no midwifery experience required), international candidates are required to include a photocopy of their passport, local students are required to include their PMCV number. develop your ability to work independently and as a team member. As a graduate you will work in a team of nurses in a collaborative care model. Eligible applicants must have completed a Bachelor of Nursing Program or equivalent no earlier than 1st June 2020. Learn more about each of our programs today. What level of Medical support is available to assist me with caring for my patients? You will always have access to the support you need to provide high quality care for your patients. Post Graduate Programs for Registered Nurses. St Vincent's Private Hospital Melbourne They will be an individual face to face interview in line with social distancing requirements. Nursing Education. If you have not been selected for an interview you will receive a letter via email. We recognise that as a nursing student you may have had limited opportunities to explore different clinical areas. Applications can be sent by post or hand delivered to reception at our Fitzroy site. The program is conducted over four sites (Fitzroy, East Melbourne, Werribee and Kew) and graduates should expect to rotate to different campuses. We know that you will be nervous so we aim to make your interview experience fun, interactive and enjoyable.

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