statistical series and their types

This is another type of graph used for specific kinds of data that come in pairs. This kind of graph can be used for showing trends passing through a time period. The bars are 2 types: vertical or horizontal. Households. Numerical measures are used to tell about features of a set of data. Time Series Graphs. Data on a nominal (or categorical) scale The above one is a vertical type. 3. The vertical axis is for data values while the horizontal axis shows time. 7 Includes HDB studio apartments. The value of coefficient of correlation between scores in Mathematics and General Science is positive and moderate. Descriptive Type of Statistical Analysis. Descriptive statistics is a study of quantitatively describing. As the name suggests, the descriptive statistic is used to describe! In general, if the data is normally distributed, parametric tests should be used. It can give us information about the set of ages in which people typically get their first job. Statistical tests are generally specific for the kind of data being handled. non-HDB shophouses etc. When it comes to statistical types of graphs and charts, the pie chart (or the circle chart) has a crucial place and meaning. When a given data set is numerical in nature, it is necessary to carefully distinguish the actual nature of the variable being quantified. Measures of Spread. There are a number of items that belong in this portion of statistics, such as: Compute the correlation between the two series of test scores by Rank Difference Method. Data is displayed in a time series graph at various time-points. Detailed Statistical Time Series. If the data is non-normal, non-parametric tests should be used. Below is a list of just a few common statistical tests and their uses. The decision of which statistical test to use depends on the research design, the distribution of the data, and the type of variable. 6 'Total' includes other types of dwelling not shown, e.g. It describes the basic features of information and shows or summarizes data in a rational way. There are two types of descriptive statistics: measures of spread and measures of central tendency. Steps of Calculation of Spearman’s Co-efficient of Correlation: Step 1: List the students, names or their serial numbers in column 1. A stem and leaf plot breaks each value of a quantitative data set into two pieces: a stem, typically for the highest place value, and a leaf for the other place values. Resident Households by Age Group of Head and Household Living Arrangement, Annual Finally, the mean is the average of the data. Stem and Leaf Plot . Close accordion. Identifying data type . It doesn’t matter which kind you will use. Step 2: It provides a way to list all data values in a compact form. Pie Charts. Stem and Leaf Plot Descriptive statistics is the type of statistics that probably springs to most people’s minds when they hear the word “statistics.” In this branch of statistics, the goal is to describe.

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