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Cristal Preta was inspired by Dunkel Lager beer from Munich. It has an aroma of cereals and caramel. We have also combined a smaller quantity of hops (making it less bitter). Water, barley malt, unmalted cereals (maize and barley), sugar, flavourings, hops. Its positive and close energy makes it the beer of excellence for your socialising moments. Add Super Bock Lager 660Ml Add add Super Bock Lager 660Ml to basket. Society is changing incredibly fast.For all these reasons and to increase people’s confidence in this means of communication, it is important for Unicer to guarantee the confidentiality of the data of all users of its services and visitors to its website.When we ask for your name, address, telephone number, qualifications and other details, our aim is to ensure a closer relationship with our users. It is made from 100% malt and has a unique slightly citrus flavour.It has become the main premium brand in Portuguese the beer market. Super Bock Abadia is a journey to the artisanal flavour of the best beers produced in the Middle Ages. Non-alcoholic Super Bock is manufactured from a unique and exclusive dealcoholisation process, which retains its genuine flavour of an authentic beer. It is sweet and light. Water, barley malt, unmalted cereals (maize and barley), carbon dioxide, colour: E150c, hops.Bold ingredients are substances or products that cause food allergies or intolerances. Carbohydrate: 7,6 g of which sugars: 5,4 g. Water, beer (44%) (water, barley malt, unmalted cereals (corn and barley) and hops), fructose, concentrated fruit juice (lemon 1,9% , orange 1.8%), stabilizer: pectin, natural flavors, acidifier: citric acid, barley malt extract. Alcohol by vol. Super Bock is a Lager - Adjunct style beer brewed by Unicer União Cervejeira S.A. in S. Mamede de Infesta, Portugal. The user agrees to not broadcast to this website any unlawful, threatening, libellous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, pornographic, or profane content, or any other similar content that may constitute or encourage conduct that may be liable to breach any laws. A lemony beer, light and refreshing, that gives fun the green light. The content be solely used for non-commercial purpose and personal use; No indication of copyright or other indication of property be removed from the content. By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of cookies on this site. This website uses cookies for several purposes, in particular, to obtain non-personal character data of its online visitors. It is sweet and light. Usurpation, counterfeiting, taking advantage of usurped or counterfeit content, illegitimate identification and unfair competition are punishable by law. Semi-precious gemstone, misleading because it has the appearance of a beer, yet without the alcohol. Produced following Unicer’s century-old brewing tradition and in the framework of modern technology. SUPER BOCK GROUP, SGPS, S.A. is committed to using your personal data only for clearly. Your access to any of these third-party websites is at your own personal risk. Water, barley malt, unmalted cereals (maize and barley) ,flavours, hops. Super Bock Sem Álcool Preta is an almost black non-alcoholic beer. Water, barley malt, unmalted cereals (maize and barley), carbon dioxide, colour: E150C, hops.Bold ingredients are substances or products that cause food allergies or intolerances. Servir 3/4 da cerveja num copo inclinado a 45º, endireitando o copo lentamente até se encontrar posição vertical; 2. Carlsberg, from Denmark, was launched on the Portuguese market in 1972 and two decades later it joined the Unicer portfolio, reinforcing the Portuguese company’s range of products.It is an international beer of Danish origin and of unquestionable quality. Authentic and magnetic, Super Bock Original has a regular presence in your life. Super Bock Stout reveals a harmonious balance between sweet and bitter that makes it genuinely special. Carbohydrate: 3,7 g of which sugars: 1,1 g, Water, barley malt, unmalted cereals (corn and barley), carbon dioxide, coloring: E150c, flavoring, hops, The year you entered appears to be is invalid, The month you entered appears to be is invalid, The day you entered appears to be is invalid, You are not old enough to enter this site. The selection of the best malt and hop varieties, as well as the use of a special, pure yeast, along with the best processing conditions allow us to obtain a fair, bright and vivid beer with a very pure, white and creamy foam. In 2003, Super Bock Stout was […] NON-ALCOHOLIC BLACK SUPER BOCK. "This is the beer that needs to be another in order to be itself"Mia Couto, Carbohydrate: 4,7 g of which sugars: 1,0 g. Water, barley malt, unmalted cereals (corn and barley), flavoring, hops. Super Bock Abadia is the first beer produced in Portugal using the traditional recipe. Cheers Branca is a strong-coloured beer, with a large, persistent and white head and a rich and intense cereal flavour. Super Bock Sem Álcool Preta is an almost black non-alcoholic beer. All the pleasure of drinking an outstanding beer but without restrictions. However, Unicer Bebidas, S.A. shall have no obligation to remove content transmitted by third parties from this website and assumes no responsibility or liability arising from or relating to any such content, including, but not limited to the existence of an error, defamation, libel, treachery, omission, falsehood, obscenity, pornography, profanity, danger or inaccuracy contained therein. All individuals that are of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages may access the website, in accordance with the regulations of the country from where access is made. Unlimited pleasure, the Super Bock 0.0% has an intense and full-bodied taste, which reflects the preference of the most demanding consumers. Young and irreverent, Super Bock Green has a sweet taste and is enriched with 1,9% natural lemon juice that makes it an entirely different experience.

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