super monkey ball touch and roll review

For those unfamiliar with the Monkey Ball series, you control a cute monkey rolling around in a clear ball, much like the clear plastic balls that hamster owners use to exercise their rodent pets. I bought thus game used with the box and book and everything came as expected! The stages are pretty varied, offering ramps, narrow bridges, stairs, moving platforms, and other tricky hazards that test your ability to roll your monkey safely along without falling off an edge. Holding the stylus toward the upper half of the screen rolls you forward, while the bottom half will roll backward--left and right steer accordingly. You can shrink the size of your own goal or expand your opponent's goal. Unfortunately, the game may feel a little too familiar as many of the stages are lifted right out of previous games, and the touch-screen control can be a little awkward to adjust to, so you'll likely find yourself falling back on the D pad to control your monkey. So when I was shopping for Christmas gifts for my 5-year-old nephew and saw this, I had to get it for him! It's frustrating, not just as a player, but as a piece of game design, because Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll could have silenced the sceptics. Perhaps a larger variety of minigames or better use of the DS's unique properties might have made Touch & Roll easier to recommend. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Touch & Roll combines the Monkey Ball series' legendary addictiveness with perhaps the perfect platform in the form of the Nintendo DS and its touch-screen technology. There's only one course though, so you'll probably tire of this one pretty quickly, too. This is a good game. Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2019, I love that able to replay my childhood again and speedy delivery too, Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2013. It's pretty fun, but the computer is an unmerciful opponent. This requires you to defend not only your goal, but the switches in the corners, lest you let your opponent activate too many power-ups. The switches can also trigger extra pucks to come out on the surface or change the size of your opponent's paddle. The game has some creative and hard courses. This is a fun challenge. Control is pretty basic as you set your direction and then power up by dragging the stylus around a circular meter. While many of the levels are quite easy, you'll run into some that are maddeningly difficult. It is too difficult for very young children. One version of Monkey Hockey lets you draw your own paddle and hit with it, with sections of the paddle coming off after each hit. You've got dozens of stages to roll through and a handful of minigames that you can challenge your friends with. Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll for the DS is basically everything you'd expect from a portable version of Monkey Ball. Unless you feel like you really need a portable version of Monkey Ball, there's nothing truly compelling about this version of the game compared with its predecessors. Shooting is accomplished by tapping on the screen and turning is done slowly and awkwardly by holding down on the arrow buttons displayed on the touch screen. Very satisfied with this purchase :D. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. The sound-scape is dominated by some whimsical, upbeat tunes, though you'll also hear the squealing and cooing of the monkeys, depending on how well you are doing. These are all available for multiplayer action for up to four players, with race, hockey, and wars playable through game sharing. Yep, it's a Super Monkey Ball game, alright. Touch & Roll is lots of fun if you have played the super monkey ball for gameboy advance you'll see the closeness in the two this one though is made for the ds game system and involves touching the screen with a stylist it took me some getting used to I am used to the gameboy advance way of playing. Ten crazy worlds with 10 levels each offer 100 puzzle trays designed to frustrate and delight - 50 of which are all new and DS exclusive. Most importantly for a game like this, there's never any slowdown, so you're never struggling against the graphics for full control of your monkey. There are also six party games included in Touch & Roll, including race, fight, bowling, golf, and two new games, hockey and wars. Same basic gameplay formula--roll around in each stage and mess around with minigames, Touch-screen control for the main game mode is awkward, Not many minigames, and each one by itself doesn't offer much value. This mode takes a few cues from classic arcade racers with zip pads and weapon pickups but doesn't really establish itself as anything special, thanks to the bland track design. There are weapon pickups on the levels, some of which have unique powers such as the ability to slow opponents. Bob Colayco There are a couple of twists here, though. Strange, twisting stage? Monkey inside a plastic ball? Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2020, The game arrived really early and works great! This page works best with JavaScript. It's an intuitive scheme, but in practice, controlling the game with the touch screen is much more awkward than just using the D pad.

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