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Swamp Ash Shortage: Swamp Ash lumber availability tightened up in early 2019. OT Swamp Ash wood shortage and Fender guitars-OT. Swamp Ash is the new Braz Rosewood? While the swamp ash's demise is unfortunate from a musical perspective, Martinko was hopeful that maple could fill the void. Unfortunately, one of the scare tactics used by lumber companies to move product is to warn of pending scarcity. Flooding and a wood-boring beetle threaten supplies of storied ‘swamp ash’: “Climate Change Hits Rock and Roll as Prized Guitar Wood Shortage Looms.” (Violin makers have their own version of the same issue…) * “Stairway to Heaven,” Led Zeppelin… on which Jimmy Page played the solo on his swamp ash “Dragon Telecaster.” ### The World's Largest Privately Owned Giant Sequoia Forest Is Now Protected, Viennese Orchestra Makes Extraordinary Music Out of Ordinary Produce, 10 Reasons Making Music Is Good for Your Brain, Pros and Cons of 6 Different Kinds of Wood Floors, 10 Items You Didn't Know Were Made in America, 13 Stunning Images That Amplify the Impacts of Climate Change, The TH Interview: Penny Eastwood of Treesponsibility, As Climate Changes, Global Food Supply Will Become Increasingly Unstable, Saving the Indonesian Peat Forests, One Basket at at Time, Australia's Horrific Fires Were Made Worse by Logging, 'Being the Change: A New Kind of Climate Documentary' (Review), Farmers in New Zealand Are Offended by Climate Change Curriculum. So, while we were disappointed by news of the poor swamp ash harvest – we’re also well prepared. You indicate your consent to this use by clicking “I Agree” or by continuing to use this website. Jennifer Koch, a biologist with the Forest Service, told Scientific American that this decision "makes sense under the current circumstances, though it leaves fewer trees for the future.". This specific grade of ash can only be found in trees that grow on the banks of the Mississippi River, and with the tree’s base submerged for most of the year, the harvesting process is only possible when water levels drop in late summer and early fall. The thought doesn't leave my mind that the first, short drought will bring down a lot of the remaining easier to get at trees. Rest assured, swamp ash is very much a fixture in our future plans. Fortunately, after working with wood for the last 35 years, we’ve learnt that Mother Nature is unpredictable. After looking at it, I'm 99% sure it was Paulownia. 8 Twangmeisternyc 3 weeks ago That's really nice, not too many Swamp Ash-backed Acoustics. But swamp ash is not the only great timber out there, and true to the firm’s maverick spirit, we’re also looking at the bigger picture. Martinko, a luthier with over 40 years' experience building guitars and basses for many well-known musicians, explained that ash has long been a desirable material in electric instruments because of its light weight (under 2.8 pounds per board foot) and unique sound. There are also efforts underway to breed a new species of ash that's resistant to the borer, but that is a long-term project with no immediate benefits. Treehugger reached out to veteran instrument maker Steve Martinko for comment (full disclosure: he is the author's father-in-law). SWAMP ASH Light weight with an open pore structure, with a beautiful flowing grain which can be grain filled in a contrasting colour for special effects. Like any firm that deals in natural materials, we’re at the mercy of the environment. The best tone woods are a labor of love. 9 EllenGtrGrl 3 weeks ago Red alder has been used as a cheaper alternative to ash in the past and could become more prevalent in instruments. Our recent tests have shown us that poplar and basswood are both great substitues for swamp ash in our bass instruments, with an equally light weight and very similar tone characteristics. It's at times like these when climate change doesn't seem so far off and impersonal after all. ", Then there's the emerald ash borer, an Asian pest that has killed tens of millions of trees in North America since its arrival on the continent in 2002. You can see maps online of how it's slowly making its way south. Swamp ash Guild D46 1980. Basswood – LW is the same as Alder and Swamp Ash and depending on the body and the routs it can be pretty low, in the 3lb range. The similarity to Swamp Ash is uncanny. We also share information about your use of our site with our trusted social media, advertising, and analytics partners. Ernie Ball Music Man has always put energy into researching and sourcing more left field, lesser-known timbers from around the world for our electric guitars – not just in the name of sustainability, but also to discover new tone woods that could make our instruments even better. While the swamp ash can survive underwater for weeks at a time, it struggles to thrive when that time stretches into months. November 2 in Off Topic. Not only does the flooding make it harder for trees to grow, but it impedes logging companies from entering the swamp regions to harvest wood. Wood is at the heart of everything we do here at Ernie Ball Music Man. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), The Process Behind the Cliff Williams Icon Series StingRay Bass, The Jason Richardson Artist Series Cutlass – Now Available in a 6-String Model and a new Buckeye Burl Finish, St. Vincent Offers A Masterclass Teaching Creativity and Songwriting, Artist in Focus: Beamer Wigley with Brotherhood of the Guitar, The John Myung Artist Series Bongo Six String Bass, Artist in Focus: Jersey Sullivan with Brotherhood of the Guitar, Artist in Focus: Q&A with Sam Sugarman of Childish Gambino, Artist in Focus: Lyric Dubee with Brotherhood of the Guitar. The underlying reason for the ash shortage is climate change. As Ernie Ball Music Man engineer Drew Montell says: We’ve always experimented with different woods. Step into our San Luis Obispo factory in California and the first thing you’ll see, right at the start of the production process, is a stockpile of the best timbers that Mother Nature has to offer. As a result, customers feel take advantage of and skeptical of subsequent forecasts. I heard you can dump baby powder in your drawers to help with chaffing from swamp ash. It was recently announced that Fender will be phasing out ash for production-line electric guitar models. And as we continue to search the globe for the best woods you’ve never heard of, our factory stockpile is set to grow and our instruments are sure to maintain those sky-high standards. November 2 in Off Topic. We continue to compete with the industry’s major guitar brands for the slim supplies of high-grade swamp ash available for purchase, and look forward to better harvests in years to come. 8 Twangmeisternyc 3 weeks ago That's really nice, not too many Swamp Ash-backed Acoustics. No swamp ash: no problem. But earlier this year an acute shortage forced Fender to announce it would move away from using swamp ash in its famous line of Stratocasters and Telecasters—reserving the …

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