synthesis of anthracene

Bromoanthracenes and isomeric arene oxides constitute valuable precursors for the preparation of functionalized substituted anthracene derivatives that are difficult to prepare by other routes. New anthracene-containing phenylene- or thienylene-vinylene copolymers: Synthesis, characterization, photophysics, and photovoltaics. You have to login with your ACS ID befor you can login with your Mendeley account. Functionalization of anthracene: A selective route to brominated 1,4-anthraquinones. Clicking on the donut icon will load a page at with additional details about the score and the social media presence for the given article. chemical synthesis of a finely-dispersed metal using alkali metals toreducemetalsaltsinetherealorhydrocarbonsolventsaccording to Rieke process, organic electron carriers (naphthalene, biphenyl, anthracene,etc.) Bao-Yu Wang, Alice Raphael Karikachery, Yunjing Li, Anupam Singh, Han Baek Lee, Wenfang Sun and Paul R. Sharp. Amanda E. Lee, Michael R. Grace, Adam G. Meyer, Kellie L. Tuck. σ-Bonded Transition Metal Complexes of Polycyclic Aromatic Carbon Compounds. Maximilian Hemgesberg, Dominik M. Ohlmann, Yvonne Schmitt, Monique R. Wolfe, Melanie K. Müller, Benjamin Erb, Yu Sun, Lukas J. Gooßen, Markus Gerhards, Werner R. Thiel. Jin Uk Ju, Dae Sung Chung, Seul Ong Kim, Sung Ouk Jung, Chan Eon Park, Yun-Hi Kim, Soon-Ki Kwon. Base-promoted aromatization of dimethoxide 23 afforded dibromomonomethoxides 26 and 27. Huaqiang Zhang, Xiangjian Wan, Xiaosong Xue, Yanqin Li, Ao Yu, Yongsheng Chen. Synthesis and properties of anthracene‐based cyclic π‐clusters 1 and 2 , which possess two and four anthracene units, respectively, are discussed. Samik Jhulki, Alankriti Bajpai, Honnappa Nagarajaiah, Tahsin J. Chow, Jarugu Narasimha Moorthy. Synthesis, Crystal and Molecular Structure of 2′,3′,3′-Tribromo-2′,3′-dihydrospiro[1,3-dioxolane-2,1′-indene]. Whereas base-induced elimination of hexabromide 3with t-BuOK gave 2,3,9,10-tetrabromoanthracene 5, the reaction of hexabromide 4 with DBU afforded 1,3,9,10-tetrabromoanthracene 6as the sole product. Vinh Ngoc Huynh, Michael Leitner, Aditya Bhattacharyya, Lisa Uhlstein, Peter Kreitmeier, Patrick Sakrausky, Julia Rehbein, Oliver Reiser. Simple Access to Sol-Gel Precursors Bearing Fluorescent Aromatic Core Units. Alice Raphael Karikachery, Mehdi Masjedi, and Paul R. Sharp . Bromodimethylsulfonium bromide: A brominating reagent for the conversion of anthracene into 9,10-dibromoanthracene. Analytical Sciences: X-ray Structure Analysis Online, Your Mendeley pairing has expired. The resulting product reacts with another mole of benzyne to create the dihydro-derivative. Salih Ökten, Makbule Ekiz, Ümit Muhammet Koçyiğit, Ahmet Tutar, İsmail Çelik, Mehmet Akkurt, Faik Gökalp, Parham Taslimi, İlhami Gülçin. Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Art and Science, Gaziosmanpasa University, 60240 Tokat, Turkey, and Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Art and Science, Sakarya University, Turkey. arewidely used as mediators[16–19]. Two model compounds were also synthesized by the same procedure. Distillation yields a crude product containing 45 - 55% anthracene (50s anthracene). An efficient synthesis is described for hexabromoanthracenes 3 and 4 by direct bromination of 9,10-dibromoanthrecene 2. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie. Although non‐conjugated the polymers could be doped with iodine. Keun Sam Jang, Hee Young Shin, Dae Yoon Chi. Flexible and Practical Synthesis of Anthracenes through Gold-Catalyzed Cyclization of o-Alkynyldiarylmethanes. This undergoes cycloreversion. Synthesis, characterization, and antioxidant activity of heterocyclic Schiff bases. Xin Zhang, Ju-Yan Liu, Ying Wang, Min-Min Yue, Bin Yuan. Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry. Efficient and convenient synthetic routes are described for the preparation of dinotroxy 17, dimethoxy 23, and dihydroxides 18 and 19 with silver-induced substitution of hexabromides 3 and 4. Ayse Sahin, Osman Cakmak, Ibrahim Demirtas, Salih Okten, Ahmet Tutar. Hierachical Self-Assembly of an Anthracene Derivative in Aqueous Solution. Find more information about Crossref citation counts. Abstract Four poly (oxymethyleneanthrylene)s were prepared by polycondensation of 9,10‐diacetoxyanthracene (and a substituted analogue) with α, ω ‐dibromoalkanes. The hydroxy compounds 19 and 18 were converted to diepoxide 20 and monoepoxide 21, respectively, with sodium methoxide. Synthesis, characterization, and SAR of arylated indenoquinoline-based cholinesterase and carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Electrophilic aromatic addition reaction (AdEAr) to anthracene. In papers with more than one author, the asterisk indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries about the paper should be addressed. Ísmail Çelik, Mehmet Akkurt, Makbule Yilmaz, Ahmet Tutar, Ramazan Erenler, Santiago García-Granda. Osman Cakmak, Leyla Aydogan, Kiymet Berkil, Ilhami Gulcin, Orhan Buyukgungor. Synthesis of Bromoaminoindane and Bromoaminoindanone Derivatives. Article Views are the COUNTER-compliant sum of full text article downloads since November 2008 (both PDF and HTML) across all institutions and individuals. Synthesis of asymmetrically disubstituted anthracenes. Find more information about Crossref citation counts. Daniel Stern, Nils Finkelmeier, Kathrin Meindl, Julian Henn, Dietmar Stalke. Jie Song, Kang Li, Pusu Zhao, Jianchun Bao. Synthesis and characterization of a new ethynyl-linked alternating anthracene/fluorene copolymer for organic thin film transistor. I. ÇELUK, R. ERENLER, M. AKKURT, C. SANCAK ÜNLÜ, A. TUTAR, S. GARCIA-GRANDA. You’ve supercharged your research process with ACS and Mendeley! Please note: If you switch to a different device, you may be asked to login again with only your ACS ID. Consecutive Donor-Base Exchange in Anthracenyllithium Compounds. An efficient synthesis is described for hexabromoanthracenes 3 and4by direct bromination of 9,10-dibromoanthrecene 2. Christian Schäfer, Friederike Herrmann, Jochen Mattay. Alexandra Schütrumpf, Andrew Duthie, Enno Lork, Gündoğ Yücesan, Jens Beckmann. Selective Tuning of the HOMO-LUMO Gap of Carbazole-Based Donor-Acceptor-Donor Compounds toward Different Emission Colors. Synthesis, characterization, crystal structures, theoretical calculations and biological evaluations of novel substituted tacrine derivatives as cholinesterase and carbonic anhydrase enzymes inhibitors. Hakan Kizilkaya, Beşir Dag, Tarik Aral, Nusret Genc, Ramazan Erenler. Get article recommendations from ACS based on references in your Mendeley library. Kiymet Berkil Akar, Osman Cakmak, Orhan Büyükgüngör, Ertan Sahin. Highly brominated anthracenes as precursors for the convenient synthesis of 2,9,10-trisubstituted anthracene derivatives. Makbule Ekiz, Ahmet Tutar, Salih Ökten, Burcu Bütün, Ümit M. Koçyiğit, Parham Taslimi, Gülaçtı Topçu. the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. Panagiotis D. Vellis, John A. Mikroyannidis, Diego Bagnis, Luca Valentini, Josè M. Kenny. Fluorescent Zn2+ chemosensors, functional in aqueous solution under environmentally relevant conditions. Water-inducing molecular self-assembly of amphiphilic molecules into nanofibers. Diels–Alder reactions and electrophilic substitutions with atypical regioselectivity enable functionalization of terminal rings of anthracene.

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