tahini keto fat bombs

With only 0.4 grams net carbs per serving, it doesn’t break your carb bank either. Tahini is a really useful, keto-friendly seed butter to have in the fridge, where it will last for months. Tahini Fudge Fat Bombs FOOD AS MEDICINE. Made from … Tips and Tricks for fool-proof Chocolate Fat Bombs . It works well in many sweet and savoury dishes. Moreover, this recipe is … You can use this keto halva as a fat bomb, too, as it’s high in natural fats. Easily make these fat bombs 100% nut-free with the following substitutions-Sunflower seed butter; Tahini; Wow Butter (soy nut butter) If you don’t follow a strict ketogenic diet, use dairy free chocolate chips or chocolate chunks. ... Too little exercise, eating late at night, munching on fat bombs regularly, inflammatory food choices, junk food, excessive fat … remove add---servings (per truffle) Keto Tahini Energy Balls starstarstarstarstar_half (6) Packed with protein rich seeds and healthy fats, these little tahini bites are the perfect snack when … Avoid making these fat bombs … 2g Protein . 7g Fat . Tahini is a great substitute for nut butter in any recipe and can add fat and flavor while helping you mix up your real food keto regimen!

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