taylor big baby fretboard wood

Raw or Unfinished Wood The fingerboard and bridge on your Taylor are unfinished wood (most likely ebony) that has been conditioned with boiled linseed oil. The Taylor GS Mini-E Mahogany Top Electro Acoustic Guitar, ES-2 guitar provides a slightly more mellow feel with a focused mid-range. Subscribe now for emails with guitar giveaways and prizes, cool deals, guitar news and more from Taylor Guitars! Don’t overdo it. The best if only compromise between the minis and full size. The tops on the guitars are all solid spruce and the back and sides are made of a compressed wood. While it is true that you can fingerpick any guitar, you will want to play fingerstyle (otherwise know as 'fingerpicking style') on guitars that are suited for that type of guitar playing. At 15/16ths the size of a standard dreadnought, the Big Baby Taylor delivers grown-up tone from its Sitka spruce top and layered sapele back and sides. The Taylor Big Baby is a guitar that is able to retain the small size of travel guitars but with a better sound; more volume and bass response. Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 7:30AM - 11:30PM (EST). The Taylor Big Baby is an excellent guitar. But the Taylor guitar neck remains perfectly straight and stable. zZounds.com. Bob Taylor is a clever chap and is always pushing the boundaries of guitar making. It uses a single piece of wood up to fret number 19 to provide better support for the fretboard. The Big Baby Taylor has long been a mainstay for developing acoustic players seeking a comfortable, smooth-playing guitar that will help them grow their skills and learn to make music. I have had no contact with manufacturer to judge support. The mahogany top is warm, earthy and resonant without becoming overbearing when you ring out the big chords. Our expert staff is ready to assist you, Join the Taylor family and enjoy exclusive owner benefits, Tap into our network of Taylor-certified repair technicians. This one features Layered Sapele back and sides with and Ebony fretboard (the same as the Baby) but Sitka Spruce for the top wood. This guitar is ideal for blues players or those who like a slightly darker sound from their acoustics. Start here for an easy overview of our acoustic line, Explore the design details of all current Taylor models, Solid woods and V-Class bracing meet exceptional value, Learn more about our revolutionary bracing system, The sleeker, more compact sibling of the original T5, The versatile semi-hollowbody with coil-splitting & more, Your dream Taylor electric. The dreadnought design is very playable, with low action on the strings that makes striking chords and picking a breeze. Adjustability is another major advantage of the Taylor guitar neck. All guitars experience this phenomenon, often resulting in a slight bump at the 14th fret, but not all guitars respond to it in the same way. The NT design ensures that every Taylor guitar neck is straight, the action is where it’s supposed to be, and the intonation is accurate. It is a GREAT instrument. We’re talking about measurements in the thousandths of inches. Small Size, Big Sound There are all kinds of benefits of going with a travel-sized acoustic-electric guitar, and saving on space makes carrying this Baby a breeze. There’s a perfect guitar neck angle for each Taylor, and our precision spacers create it. Explore our in-house publication in a new digital experience. I played the baby electric as well and it is the best in its field. The Taylor guitar neck is built from a continuous piece of wood that supports the ebony fretboard all the way up to the 19th fret. The wood can dry out over time, and an oil like this, or linseed oil, or even mineral oil, can protect the wood and beautify it as well. The playability of a Taylor guitar neck is second to none. It tests perfectly in the middle of the whole park. The Big Baby is almost a full-size Dreadnought (15/16 scale) that bridges the gap between the Baby and full size Dreadnought. Altering the guitar neck angle of a traditional neck assembly can require invasive surgery to remove wood and relocate the bridge. But the Big Baby Taylor is just in a class of its own. As it turns out, not every guitar is a fingerpicking guitar, so today, we have given you the top 5 best fingerstyle guitars so you know where to start, as well as some basics guitar to get you going. While some guitar necks may bend in the face of humidity and other factors, the Taylor guitar neck stays stable and straight. If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 800-943-6782, Submitted January 4, 2016 by Louis H in Ocala, FL. This is different from the standard, which is to support the fretboard up to fret number 14. Traditional guitar necks lose that support at the 14th fret, relying instead on a “floating,” unsupported fingerboard extension that’s glued directly to the constantly-moving top. The bottom line: The Taylor guitar neck gives you the industry’s most stable, easy-to-adjust neck and remains the gold standard for playability. We're sorry, to ensure that your wish list is private and saved for future visits please log into your account. Don't let this instrument's size full you -- it's still a real Taylor acoustic guitar! The Taylor guitar neck sits securely in a custom-fit pocket that is inset with laser-cut spacers. If you call our customer service department for assistance, this number makes it easier Yes, they do have thin, satin kind of finish, but that’s why they sound so great. for us to answer any questions you have about products, services or purchases. Introduced in 1999 and a standard feature on Taylor guitars since 2001, the patented Taylor guitar neck was designed by Bob Taylor and his team to accomplish the primary goal of building a straighter, more stable guitar neck. The tops on the guitars are all solid spruce, but the back and sides are made of a compressed wood. Since its inception, the acoustic guitar had a major design flaw. Livraison gratuite dès 49€. CUSTOMER SERVICE UNITED STATES & CANADA 1-800-943-6782, CUSTOMER SERVICE EUROPE & INTERNATIONAL +31 (0)20 667 6033, Copyright © 2012-2020 TAYLOR-LISTUG, INC. All Rights Reserved / ACTUAL PRICES ARE SET BY GLOBAL DEALERS. In 2019, the release of our new Grand Pacific Builder’s Edition guitars brought a new neck profile to the Taylor lineup, a compound carve that moves from a gentle V shape to a shallower, rounder curve near the body.

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