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Most strings are some combination of nickel or steel. But the Telecaster is a reliable, modest, yet gorgeous workhorse. Part 2: Guitar String Action Setup, How to Get An Extremely Low Action Guitar in 5 Steps. They are usually differentiated in shorthand as “light,” “medium” or “heavy”; or by the numerical gauge of the high E string. You’ll need a 1/8" bit for … * If you are the original author of any of the templates provided here and wish to contact us, please do so using this email address. Try a heavier gauge for a beautifully round Telecaster tone. A less dramatic version of the diy b bender is the one made by hipshot, It allows you to activate the bender via your right hand, like you would with a floating tremolo. Look at pictures of early telecasters. You’ll need to make sure your new telecaster locking tuners will adapt properly without needing to drill extra holes. I’m not a big fan of my white telecaster pickguard. also participates in other affiliate programs. New (7) from $9.97 + FREE Shipping. Playing style and preferred genre has an impact, and my recommendations will come with notes about those. The name is most famous as a string manufacturer, and as the parent of Music Man, an instrument maker founded with the help of Leo Fender later in his career. Here’s an easy yet dramatic fender telecaster upgrade. Furthermore, their tone is thinner and less “chunky.”. Pure nickel strings are the vintage choice, and have been experiencing a renaissance. Notably, cobalt strings have a huge boost in the mids and upper mids. Good alternatives to the classic Telecaster Pickguard Turtoise. String gauges refers to the thickness of the strings. $5.99 (6) NICKEL FLUSH But I’m guessing if you are looking into the diy b bender, then you are pretty much invested in the idea already. (2020), Best “Fender” Telecaster Alternatives 2020, Part 1: How to Change Guitar Strings & Guitar Neck Adjustment (Ultimate Guitar Setup Guide to Restring Electric Guitar, Guitar String Names, Guitar Neck Adjustment). It also makes the headstock look a bit more sleek. Here are the measurements most guitars fall into. Ernie Ball Slinky strings are another iconic all-around choice, comparable to the D’Addario EXL110 line in many ways. Run through a classic tube amp such as a Fender Twin or ‘59 Bassman, the Telecaster achieves an iconic “American” sound. Whether you play blues, reggae, country, soul, or rock, the Telecaster can bring a gorgeous and iconic tone to the sound. The following setup procedures and specifications are for your Telecaster as equipped with the strings that come on the instrument as standard equipment from the factory. If you are shopping for strings for your Telecaster, you have a number of options. Obviously you aren’t the first person to feel that the telecaster single coil needs upgrading. You just swap that single coil pup for humbucker in single coil form. May 10, 2011 #5 i use 9 on my tele, its very easy to get the twang out from it and it doesn't attack the amp too hard compares to 10 and up. With these stronger strings, you can go for a lighter gauge without worrying as much about string breakage or compromising tone. This will translate to a massive boost in tone. Another style works via a rod sticking out of the back of the guitar which is activated by pulling the guitar forward or backward in relation to your body. Some guys really dig the leather telecaster pickguard. I’d much rather go for a fancy telecaster pickguard tortoise or pearloid. With reasonable care, the template should allow drilling many dozens of guitar bodies before showing significant wear. Some of the best Telecaster Locking Tuners are: Excellent question. Locking tuners come in many varieties, but the most common utilize the same basic mechanism. That is the key! is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. You don't need to string the neck up to tension. They are usually differentiated in shorthand as “light,” “medium” or “heavy”; or by the numerical gauge of the high E string. • • • • • [ #AxeDr #guitarist #knowyourtone #guitarists_unite #guitarcollection #guitaristunite #sologuitarist #vintageguitars #guitarista #guitaristlife #instaguitarist #guitaristofinstagram #rockguitarist #guitarraelectrica #leadguitarist #6string #highonguitar #guitarbuilder # #rockguitar #sixstring #sixstrings #6string #6strings #6stringguitar #expertguitars #electricguitars #electricguitarist #guitarbuilding #guitarspotter ], A post shared by AxeDr. That being said, it’s absolutely the coolest telecaster upgrade you can do. Beyond that, the Telecaster is an excellent choice for rhythm or lead playing in funk, soul, reggae, and blues. Install a new pickguard. I answered yes to that question when I got my G&L ASAT. So keep that in mind. Bends are harder, fretwork is harder. You can email me or leave a comment below if you need any help. If you find the right leather worker, you can get some truly unique pickguard art right on your tele. The NYXL line boasts a high-carbon steel core and nickel coating. They are nickel-wound steel strings with a plain 3rd string. In order to complete this full sized humbucker telecaster upgrade, you’ll have to carve out a cavity big enough for it to set in. You need to check how your guitar’s tuners mount to your headstock. If you are trying different strings out, gauge is probably the most immediate difference you will notice. They have a more substantial tone, thicker and deeper. That makes them easy to access with your drill and there is little chance of damaging the bit as would be the case with steel.

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