telescopic fishing rod review

That is more than ninety percent of the work already done for you. ​The presence of an anti-lock design makes contraction easy. Certain parts of a telescoping fishing rod benefit from the use of stainless steel, especially the line guides and reel seat. It is perfect and flawless. Some telescoping fishing rods for surf casting can extend 12 feet or more. neither too heavy nor too lightweight. Below we’re going to go over five different telescoping rods that you can use. An inexpensive telescoping rod and reel set may be acceptable for beginning anglers who aren’t ready to invest in high performance fishing gear, but quite often the reel is of inferior quality. we never accept anything from product manufacturers. We also like the anodized aluminum reel seat for saltwater fishing. Cap on bottom unscrews for storage. We have a tough one here that is more than capable of handling the most rugged and adverse situations where most rods in this range fail.​​​​, ​Ugh, we cannot even remember the number of times we've heard that "We bought it without second thoughts after looking at its price." These rods come in, We think you should treat this as more of a scouting rod. Whereas a short rod is helpful in situations where there isn't much space around for rod movement like a place with lots of vegetation around. ​If you are a beginner, we suggest you go for short rods, gain experience, improve your technique and then move on to longer rods. So, it is going to be a pleasant experience for you all to go with this one. This is a sturdy rod and it shows from its composition.​ Now apart from a few incidents of broken tips and snapping of rods, we didn't face much problem from the rod. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Some reports of quality issues with both the pole breaking and the guides becoming unglued. But graphite can break easily and fiberglass has added weight. KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod . ​The shorter a rod is in the collapsed state, easier it would be to store and carry around for our fishing trips. Line guides are the eyelets attached along the length of the rod and through which the. These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5. , telescoping rods are rated according to overall power (or “weight”). It is also resistant to saltwater and is rust-proof. Let us try to find out! ​But if you are someone who isn't bothered about how far you can cast, then, Those ring you see attached to the blank of your rod? ​The Black Warrior offers us a stainless steel hooded reel seat with corrosion resistant properties. This spares us a lot of headache in the maintenance and repair cost department. Available in several sizes. Whether you are a novice or a maestro in angling, this well-built ultralight telescopic rod will never fail to amaze you. Though we would like to mention here that you may find the handle a bit long for your comfort. When we swing while holding the rod with both hands, we swing much harder. ​The reel seat has a long lasting CNC machined aluminum construction which ensures a solid, durable performance. Such a durable construction makes this rod extremely suitable for a variety of places which definitely include your car trunk, the trail or even a turboprop.​ ​Be careful with the guides though, they've been known to become loose and fall off. Some handles also serve as storage for small gear such as sinkers, hooks and lures. KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod. Some reports of problems with the guides breaking. First one is its total length after extension and the second one is its total length in a collapsed state.​. Mid-range: For most amateur fishermen, $25 to $75 is the best price range for traditional or telescopic fishing rods. This composition is supposed to make these babies one of the most durable rods in the telescopic rod category in the market. The rod is one of the most durable and robust fishing tackles that we've ever come across at such a price. These rods come in huge lengths of up to 36ft and we are mighty impressed with them.​. It has a total of nine sections, which makes it extremely versatile. Great look, and very lightweight. Great option for the kiddos that's a perfect introduction to … Fiberglass is still a common component, but there will be hybrids with carbon fiber on shelves. The EVA grips we told you about are kind of sweat resistant and thus manage to give you a reliable grip even after long hours.​. Adjust the telescoping rod up or down to find the ideal length. Telescoping fishing rods in general have slow to moderate action, especially when compared to a “fast action” traditional carbon fiber pole. ​​You would get an extremely comfortable EVA Handle on this portable fishing rod. Our readers were full of positive reviews about this one and more often than not we get to hear that their whole family is fond of this rod.​. As each segment of the pole is extended, the tapered blanks form a tight bond with each other. Segments can get jammed open, creating problems when you try to retract the pole. And then another, and another...... and in a short while, you have, KASTKING Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod, GOTURE 1 Piece Carp Telescopic Fishing Rod, ​EAGLE CLAW PK555SP Telescopic Spinning Rod, Telescopic ​Fishing Rod Features Explained. ​The rod is pretty stout and compact in its collapsed state which makes them portable and easy for you to carry around. ​Also, the size or length of the rod is another important factor. Now as we had mentioned earlier, there is no grip at the bottom but rather a screw cap like we just told you. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. ​Well, let us give you a surprise here. Further, the quality of the stainless steel guides is far above than some other popular rods out there. All in all, a great value telescopic fishing rod that’s perfect for the kids or as a back-up/emergency setup. This lightweight pole is both tough and long-lasting, particularly if you're planning on using it for saltwater fishing. You as a buyer should look for what materials have been used in construction because they extensively define the weight of the rod. A telescopic rod works like a telescope, which when collapsed is small and easy to carry around but provides the necessary length when extended. ", And before you can figure out what is going on, you see another twisted section and another unaligned guide. Interestingly, the Goldlite series rods come with an aluminum alloy plug at the top and a screw cap at the bottom. Having a lesser number of guides exposes a few weak points and affects the balance and overall strength of the rod.​ Similarly having too many of them is not good too as they unnecessarily add to the weight and compromise sensitivity. Find more YONGZHI Kid's Telescopic Fishing Rod information and reviews here. Telescopic fishing rods have seen there fair share of days and are an important part of the fishing gear arsenal of many anglers. Thus a hybrid of the two materials is usually used in telescopic rods.

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