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Institutions offering tertiary education represent a diverse and "tiered system" comprising local universities, foreign universities, and private universities. } Students who completed their GCE O Levels may proceed directly to polytechnics. window.tdb_globals = {"wpRestNonce":"db27e54381","wpRestUrl":"https:\/\/digitalsenior.sg\/wp-json\/","permalinkStructure":"\/%postname%\/","isAjax":false,"isAdminBarShowing":false,"autoloadScrollPercent":50,"postAutoloadStatus":"off","origPostEditUrl":null}; There are 5 polytechnics in Singapore, and 3 autonomous universities responsible for … ProgrammesWhy Us?ResearchContact UsPrivacy Policy The PISA 2012 Comparison Table shows that Singapore is well ahead of Finland in terms of reading and science abilities, despite Finand’s overwhelming superiority in their preschool education provision. } Originally a not-for-profit management institute, the school relied on seed funding from EDB and donations from its founding members, as well as the Ford Foundation. "name": "Choosing Uni" Click here for more information on PISA and here for MOE’s press release of the previous PISA report. PSB’s former Delta campus grounds was originally the premises of Bukit Ho Swee primary school and secondary school! Adomik.randomAdGroup = function() { What we can do however, is to ensure that parents try to reduce the study stress for the child, especially so during the Primary and Secondary school years of the child’s education. Singapore's public schools come under the purview of the Ministry of Education. } var td_magnific_popup_translation_tNext="Next (Right arrow key)"; this.id = ''; } In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013/14, both NTU (Rank 76) and NUS (Rank 26) ranks within the top 100 Universities out the the 400 in the list. //td_block class - each ajax block uses a object of this class for requests After this Productivity Unit was reorganised in 1967 and then replaced in 1972, to become the National Productivity Board (NPB)[v], programmes were launched to impart work improvement and quality control, amongst other practices. Both colleges merged in 1949 to become the University of Malaya[ii]. There will inevitably be a certain level of stress for students in Singapore, as this island state boasts one of the best education systems in the world. ,{ "@type": "ListItem", In the recently published 2013/2014 Global Competitiveness report, Singapore was also ranked among the top 3 in the quality of our Primary and Secondary education system.See details of MOE’s press release of the report. Check out our News and Articles! } htmlTag.className += ' ie10'; (rand < 0.09): return ""ad_ex"" + (Math.floor(100 * rand)); } *rv\:11\./) ) { googletag.cmd.push(function() { } "; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} } Curious, Digital Senior did some digging and presents to you a list of higher institutions that have grown alongside your parents (and grandparents) to become the schools you know today. 5 tertiary institutions in Singapore as old as your parents (#1 could... 9 Master’s degrees (apart from a MBA) in Singapore that preps…, 10 Psychology Degrees in Singapore to help you reach new heights, 10 interior design courses in Singapore to kickstart your ID career, Why part-time courses should be on your to-do list (with 10…, How your credit reputation could cause you that dream job, 15 pottery classes in Singapore you can sink your hands into, 7 Tips on Writing an Outstanding Job Resume, 10 Dating apps in Singapore to make sure you don’t graduate…, My internship experience with ResumeWriter SG, Why I turned down offers from NUS, NTU, and SMU to…, What it’s like to study Philosophy in university: reflections of a…, How to Choose a Private University in Singapore. The institute then known as IPT-PSB, had the “IPT” dropped after corporatization in 2001 to become the PSB Academy we see today. SIM’s oldest overseas partner is the University of London (UoL), with the partnership existing since 1986! } this.post_count = 0; //from wp ] var td_email_user_pass_incorrect="User or password incorrect! Singapore is among 29 countries to obtain top scores in the category of social context as these countries all had high infant survivability rate, medical immunisation rate and relatively little gender disadvantage. }, "; case ! When exactly did the “PSB” in PSB Academy’s name come about, though? gtag('js', new Date()); }); The school, back then, first started off as the Redhill Tutorial Institution (红山辅导学院) prior to its renaming and expansion. 21 Simon Road, 545907 Already enrolled? } this.td_filter_value = ''; //current live filter value htmlTag.className += ' td-md-is-iemobile'; On the other hand well-adjusted pupils are spared the trauma of poor performance and low self-esteem. NUS Museum, a university museum focused on Asian culture and art, also has a long history—its roots stretch all the way to 1955, when the University Art Museum was established in the then University of Malaya[iii]. SIM’s offerings were diploma courses in areas such as business and management studies, three of which they pioneered.

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