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For more IT management certifications, see "10 IT management certifications for IT leaders.". Networking Opportunities. The Open Group keeps an updated list of TOGAF 9 certified tools, which includes the following software: Sarah White is a senior writer for, covering IT governance, hiring & staffing, and IT jobs. TOGAF is used to help organizations design an IT infrastructure that is adapted to meet their requirements. This makes collaboration easy and getting everybody on board with your ideas possible. Large enterprises trust certifications. Architecture Review Boards: a periodic meeting of stakeholders who discuss and approve changes to the current architecture. Organizations implementing or planning to implement enterprise-wide technical infrastructure to support mission-critical business applications using open systems building blogs benefit from using TOGAF. The ADM helps businesses establish a process around the lifecycle of enterprise architecture. It’s an extensive document — but you don’t have to adopt every part of TOGAF. The Level 1 exam focuses on TOGAF-related concepts such as TOGAF reference models, terminology, core concepts, standards, ADM, architectural governance and enterprise architecture… TOGAF helps businesses define and organize requirements before a project starts, keeping the process moving quickly with few errors. As is the case with all certifications, getting certified in TOGAF Certification … Download our eBook Roadmap to the TOGAF Certification here. TOGAF or “The Open Group Architecture Framework” is a developmental method used by enterprises to plan and design their IT architecture. By getting certified, you show industries that you have been trained and tested by an industry-recognized board and are well-versed in concepts that are pertinent to the field. TOGAF is intended to help create a systematic approach to streamline the development process so that it can be replicated, with as few errors or problems as possible as each phase of development changes hands. Additionally, those who are interested in working on IoT projects can also benefit from TOGAF training and certification. There are four architectural domains in TOGAF 9.1 that offer specializations for businesses. Earning your TOGAF certification will demonstrate your ability to use the TOGAF framework to implement technology and manage enterprise architecture. The TOGAF 9.1 Level 2 exam requires you to first complete the Level 1 course before you start this. As a TOGAF certified professional, you’ll act as a “simplifier” who can demystify complex technical processes. A framework for transformation, Top 13 enterprise architecture tools for 2020, Sponsored item title goes here as designed, What is an enterprise architect? TOGAF® certification provides a clear path for professional development and credibility to employers The TOGAF® Standard, a standard of The Open Group, is the open Enterprise Architecture standard used by the world’s leading organizations to improve business efficiency. It’s also a vendor-neutral certification that has global recognition. Working as a TOGAF professional requires a great deal of communication. Avoid lock-in to proprietary solutions b… TOGAF takes a high-level approach to the framework that an enterprise uses to plan, design, implement, and manage its Enterprise Architecture. We’ve put together a list of twelve reasons you should get a TOGAF certification: As IT technology and architecture become even more tightly integrated into an organization’s success, savvy companies are using TOGAF to plan how their business’s enterprise architecture is managed on both a short- and long-term basis. PMP, PMI, PMBOK, CAPM, PgMP, PfMP, ACP, PBA, RMP, SP, and OPM3 are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. The cost of the certification can be as low as $320. TOGAF 9 Certified. TOGAF was released in 1995, expanding on the concepts found in the TAFIM framework. This training could reduce your company’s costs and increase its profit margins. As enterprise architecture goes, there are few other certifications that have the same hold that TOGAF has on industries. As a certified professional, you learn to speak the language common to all professionals in your field. TOGAF®, an Open Group standard, is a proven enterprise architecture methodology and framework used by the world's leading organizations to improve business efficiency. There are no prerequisites to take the TOGAF 9.1 Level 1 (Foundation) course. Enterprise architecture is broken down into four distinct domains (data, technology, application, and business) and heavily relies on existing, standardized products and technologies. Architecture Strategy: all the aspects of IT architecture strategy, including determining the current state, transition, and desired path for the strategy. The most recent version of TOGAF is TOGAF 9.1, which was released in 2011. TOGAF 7 was released in December 2001 as the “Technical Edition,” followed by TOGAF 8 Enterprise Edition in December 2002; it was then updated to TOGAF 8.1 in December 2003. The Open Groupstates that TOGAF is intended to: 1. Priyadharshini is a knowledge analyst at Simplilearn, specializing in Project Management, IT, Six Sigma, and e-Learning. The simple reason for this standardization. KnowledgeHut is an outcome-focused global ed-tech company. Like other IT management frameworks, TOGAF helps businesses align IT goals with overall business goals, while helping to organize cross-departmental IT efforts. Most organizations seek ways to do the most with the least amount of time and effort. In case you fail your exam, you can retake it after 30 days. Tapping into dark data for efficiency, innovation, and income, Inclusive design: 8 tips for addressing software accessibility, CIOs take the lead in pursuit of operational efficiencies, 3 considerations for reducing carbon footprints with cloud, Digital business model pays off for Toyota Financial, 5 myths and realities of IT culture change, What is enterprise architecture? A TOGAF course trains you on how to perform tasks with efficiency. Subscribe to access expert insight on business technology - in an ad-free environment. Simplilearn offers TOGAF Certification Training (Combined Level 1 & 2) that gives you 90 days of access to instructor-led online classes as well as 180 days of access to high-quality, self-paced learning content designed by industry experts. TOGAF certified professionals share common knowledge and expertise that can help these individuals better identify business needs. The most recent version of TOGAF was updated to include: The TOGAF certification from The Open Group consists of two levels: Level 1 TOGAF Certification, which covers the foundations of the TOGAF 9.1; and Level 2 TOGAF Certification, which covers your working knowledge of TOGAF and all relevant technology, tools and concepts. TOGAF helps organize the development process through a systematic approach aimed at reducing errors, maintaining timelines, staying on budget and aligning IT with business units to produce quality results. You plan and implement an IT environment for your organization, which requires you to interact with other professionals.

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