top of spruce tree turning brown

The earlier the better, because as the grubs grow they continue to eat their way downward, destroying more of last year's leader. Thanks Mike. Plan to prune one of the effected limbs and check for whatever but I will need an extension pole.Just thought someone might know if the needles will re establish themself if I can fix the problem. They will go after CBS in Oregon...actually only seem to go after Piceas here, no pines. Read on to find out why your pine or spruce is browning and what you can do to save it. These may stay on the plant for some time before falling off. ??? I am enclosing a picture of the tree but you will not be able to see the black spots but you can see the browning of the top. Spruces can suffer from Rhizosphaera Needle Cast, a fungal disease that causes needles on spruce trees to turn brown and drop, leaving bare branches. -changes to drainage (sump pump outlet or downspout directed at the root zone), -nearby dugouts or sloughs that are full or overflowing. Extreme needle drop is often the first symptom. Mike--do you think you could take your samples, both the shoot and the grubs, if you still have them, to some kind of university extension, or forest service, or something for a positive ID? One or two others assured me that in at least some parts of the country white pine weevil does, indeed, attack blue spruce. Prolonged exposure to standing water causes damage to the root hairs of the trees – these are specialized, very fine roots which are responsible for water, nutrient and oxygen uptake in the trees. I would stay away from a blue counter top though. See how many votes you get for each idea, then you won't have to decide! Of course if after you do your own research on these two kinds of pests you have any doubt, you can take the grubs, and/or the damaged shoot, to someone to identify. No new growth on the tips of the branches indicates the branch or tree is in major trouble. If you make a lengthwise slice through the stem you can see what was going on inside better, and maybe see more clearly if any grubs are left inside. The problem seems to start at last years terminal buds and radiate out, going into new and old growth.It would still be worth checking for grubs just under the bark. Are the tips of the needles turning brown all over the tree? Most of my trees are so tall I can't contemplate anything like that. Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:771758}}. Pines, such as white pine or scots pine retain their needles for two to three years, while spruce hold on to their needles for three to five years. I've been looking at this since this morning. It is in full sun. The needles turn yellow or brown first, before dropping to the ground. Water from a well-raw untreated. =) Come to think of it, I have not seen that phenomenon this year which has been a very dry year. All of these things interfere with the uptake of water, oxygen and nutrients. And if you want to spray and can find out the timing of the females emergence and possible attack on the leader, this might be the most effective remedy. I would like to know if there is a chance I can save it if I do find borers or sawflies? Hello, I have about a seven year old Blue Spruce in my yard. Since about the middle of summer, we've noticed our beautiful, very large blue spruce is browning from the inside out. Often starts at the bottom of the tree, on the inside, and works its way up the tree I have noticed a few things in general, however. If I find any pics w/the brown topped trees in the background, I'll post them. Appreciate your time. Did you find/see any white grubs located between the bark and the woody portion of the terminal?? It is too small to get any kind of fungal infection, and it will probably seal itself with pitch. Well guys, I originally sprayed it for spider mites with Kelthane and then the other day with Sevin. If 1/2 of the tree is dead, would you really do any further damage if you just cut it off. Similarly, if drought has caused the problem, water your evergreen deeply every week or two at the dripline which is where most of the tiny root hairs are found. My tree man said he thought it was from the drought in our area. Occasionally, the disease begins higher in the tree, with inner needles browning in the upper branches. Zone=5 Stevensville, MT2 Blue Spruces planted last year mid June.Faired well until just about the time the grasshoppers appeared, pre-heat. I have a new Baby Blue, planted in the spring, which has browned out at the top - new leader and new side branches. It is in full sun. The tiny root hairs will regenerate fairly quickly and the tree will do better if things dry out in the summer. What other treatments, etc. Check to see if weed whackers sliced the trunk or animals chewed the bark. My 6 year old trees have been doing great until now. This damage interferes with the uptake of water and nutrients. Today however, I just noticed that the top leader is turning light green to brown. On one or all of the trees? I have only seen them infest the new growth, when at about 3/4 expansion, it collapses like a wet noodle(the vascular system totally gobbled up).Just by the photo, I would think something else. are needed if any? Anyway, what killed the small portion of the top of Mike's tree may be what has killed the larger portions of the tops of some other spruces I have seen. If you cut off a portion of the infected area and there is no sap and it is dried out, there is no hope. Sometimes needle drop is extreme. Soil compaction from construction or heavy equipment; or when trees outgrow a space confined by sidewalks, houses or driveways. A sign that your tree is healthy is when there is new growth in spring at the tips of the branches. Needles in coniferous trees have a lifespan which varies depending on the species. Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:771754}}. Well, in spite of the opinion of schmoo, I still think it is most probably white pine weevil. After reading the info on this subject I must conclude it is borer infestation or sawflies. I caught the problem on my blue spruce and only had to remove about 5% of the tree. apply pruning tar...etc. In Orygun for instance, shot-hole borers are more of an issue with shade & ornamental trees..boring into trucks and branches. Both white spruce and jack pines prefer a moist environment. If I cut out the dead part the tree will look awful. This causes the trees to be stressed and the needles to die out much faster than normal. This is when coniferous trees shed their oldest needles, the ones located closest to the trunk. I have about a seven year old Blue Spruce in my yard. Tree man wants to cut it down. i.e. I have always suspected a borer or some kind, but have never had the opportunity to make any observations/diagnosis. Can't hurt to check it out. Spruces can suffer from Rhizosphaera Needle Cast, a fungal disease that causes needles on spruce trees to turn brown and drop, leaving bare branches. I had to take quite a bit off but, I think I got it all. in which case it could infect my other trees if I dont yank it out and destroy? I have been looking with a scope for bagworms and there are none. This cross section is very interesting and certainly raises doubts in my mind about this being white pine weevil. When I looked at it, the needles appear to be dying from the trunk outward. I feel that they would not. That Frigid Winter Wind I noticed that on the top bark of the tree there are little black spots (black spots are not on the needles.) So when you gaze up at your majestic blue spruce and realize its top towering branches are a crispy brown, you’re right to be concerned. It didn't seem to be getting any worst but then I read spuceman's post. Jack pines, the least ornamental of the pines, is native to the norther parts of Saskatchewan. I know I don't have any of the grubs but I should still have the cross-section in the picture. Brown needles beginning to fall, leaving large bare spots on trees that next summer or fall. Compacted soil also tends to stay wet which causes root rot. If you think that needle drop in your tree is excessive, and there is no sign of insect or disease problems, then environmental stresses are likely the cause. Blue Spruce Turning Brown. Tree care is a critical investment for the future of your landscape. Planting the wrong tree for the existing site conditions. We had a discussion here a few months back about whether white pine weevil attacks blue spruce. Today however, I just noticed that the top leader is turning light green to brown. I do see the dieback of the top of the center tree. One thing I have seen with some spruces from time to time, both Norway and blue, is a fairly large portion of the top of the tree dying, sometimes four to as much as ten feet or more. They do best in soils that drain quickly. thanks againKelly.... Greetings, same issue with browning top of blue spruce. 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