toppings for bananas

Wow!! Fill greased or paper-lined muffin cups two-thirds full. Fold in bananas and nuts. I substituted sour cream for the buttermilk, reduced the white sugar to 1/4 C , used 2 bananas and added about 1/2 cup of blueberries. Most recipes use white sugar or a combination of white and (dark or light) brown sugar. In another bowl, beat the egg, yogurt and oil. Crispy and chocolatey on the inside, creamy and sweet on the inside with just a few ingredients: banana, chocolate and coconut oil; plus toppings … In a bowl, combine flour and sugar. I make banana bread often for my family’s lunches and this is the best !! Chocolate Covered Bananas are the easiest snacks ever! There’s something particularly comforting about the familiar aroma of banana bread wafting from the kitchen. It brings back memories of holiday baking marathons, cozy weekend mornings, and drop-in visits to grandma’s house for a bit of baking.We updated the classic batter with a half cup of tangy sour cream and finished the loaf with our sweet pecan streusel topping. This mixture tastes just like the filling for banana … Stir into dry ingredients just until combined. Bananas are a wonderful topping for French toast, especially when mixed with heavy whipping cream flavored with real vanilla and a little sugar. This recipe is so moist without being dense and the streusel topping … Banana Topping for French Toast. Using all brown sugar will create a darker colored bread with more of a molasses flavor. The streusel topping for this recipe only takes an extra minute or two to make, … Combine topping … This Banana Bread with Brown Sugar Streusel topping is quick and easy, and a rich super moist banana bread!

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