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The remarkable point is that the province has few options like Tourism, where a positive return is first realized in the year in which the investment is made, a return that continues for many years. Tourism investment framework Safety and security Air & sea access Integrated information system Public transport Key issues = departure points for action Key issues require co-ordinated, “whole-of-government approach” to minimise constraints to, and maximise opportunities for tourism … And, it is an investment … Investment in Tourism marketing creates a payback to the economy and the government many times over. The flow of capital from the foreign country is invested in assets such as land, businesses or the … the tourism investment process is a complex one, involving a variety of stakeholders whose differences in nature, scale of operation and planning time horizons make the effective application of sustainability principles to tourism … Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is the investment of assets from a foreign country to a host country. It has rapidly rise and significant source of employment and economic output. In 2011, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) published … The tourism is one of the fast growing industry in the world. investment (ROI) of its recent marketing activities, a review of state‐level reports and assessments for the tourism marketing of Minnesota and 15 other states was completed in December 2010 and is …

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