tv ir sensor blocked

Press ENTER. Any sort of simple device that I can stick to my TV's IR sensor so it can receive remote commands? Place the IR blaster near the remote control sensor of the TV, aiming the IR emitter of the IR blaster at the remote control sensor of the TV. Any advice would be appreciateed! My Definitive Tech C1 center channel speaker blocks the IR sensor for the TV, so I do do not have remote access to the TV. 6 years ago its haunted smash it and get a new one. I do not want to raise the TV up as we do not have the space and it looks really untidy.Please could anyone advise how overcome this problem? Leo says the fault isn't really with the designs, but that Mike needs to raise the TV up a bit. Press the MENU button on the sound bar remote control. But, I wasn’t even sure if I had one of these "remote control in" jacks. 0. The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments. The tv remote doesn't do anything at all, cannot access the menu, tools, etc. which shows me that it's the tv sensor . Connect the IR Blaster cable to the IR BLASTER jack of the Sound Bar. There was also discussion about how the output voltage of the IR receiver varied…sometimes low and sometimes high. Discussions. Is there some way of altering the frequency or blocking other remotes...or something? “IR” is an acronym for “infrared.” IR remote controls use an LED source to generate an infrared carrier wave. Is there a cheap solution? Tags: Rogue TV Remote Control TV Remote. Cut a piece of tape big enough to conceal the sensor. Televisions & Home Theater. Logitech makes them and that may be the best solution. 0. hendelar Triclaw. Triclaw. All Television & Home cinema products; Televisions My TV is the Panasonic Plasma TH-42PX80U. try changing the batteries. Nothing is blocking the external sensor and I've positioned it several ways. Electronics. I turn on the tv manually and use my cable remote to change channels but that is all it will do which tells me the remote from the cable box is fine. Go to System Settings. Well, in ... Over time, the switch corrodes and disconnects the sensor on the front of the TV. Select ON. Thanks, Larry. It looks like a small lens or bulb. Sound bar blocking the Sony Bravia TV IR receiver Hello, we are having a problem since moving to a new home and where our sound bar is blocking the IR receiver on our Sony Bravia TV. There are some IR extenders that could also do the trick. is a great place to get them. Generally the IR sensor sits behind a plastic window on the front panel of the electronic device (such as a TV, cable box, DVD player or stereo). Due to the age of the TV, I found this to be completely plausible. Select IR Repeater. Mike has a Vizio VHT215 Sound bar, but it blocks the infrared receiver of his Bravia HDTV. I have a samsung 32" lcd tv, I found the ir sensor on my tv to be on the immediate right of the red led light (the light shows whether the tv is on or off) on the lower right of the tv. Select Setup.

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