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The second most popular activity was visiting. The human and physical resources found in a particular place often influence tourism to a particular destination. Centred Destination. Cultural tourist attractions can include historical places, monuments, ancient temples, zoos, aquaria, museums and art galleries, botanical gardens, buildings and structures (such as forts, castles, libraries, former prisons, skyscrapers, bridges), theme parks and carnivals, living history museums, public art (sculptures, statues, murals), signs , Other popular activities were visiting art exhibitions, watching performing arts and visiting theme parks (all human resources). These are attractions such as small events like the Blackpool illuminations, Glastonbury Festival and huge events like the Olympics. Places of natural beauty such as beaches, tropical island resorts, national parks, mountains, deserts and forests, are examples of traditional tourist attractions which people may visit. are tourist attractions that have been made by people, such as the Eiffel Tower in France. They are as follows:-1. These are purpose built attractions, natural attractions, events and heritage attractions. The human and physical resources found in a particular place often influence tourism to a particular destination. Cultural Tourism / Heritage tourism India . 6. Tourism as an economic phenomenon deals with tourist attractions and their infrastructure. This can be on the basis of which types of places they like to visit or the type of activities they like to be involved in. 2. Types of a tourist attraction (vi) Water bodies. According to UNWTO (2008) in the “World’s Top Tourism Destinations 2008” first four places by international tourism arrivals were occupied by France, Spain, USA and China. LEDCs can become especially dependent on tourism, which is risky if tourists suddenly stop coming. Home Economics: Food and Nutrition (CCEA). Eco-Tourism. 3. Two types of attraction: a) Natural Attraction: Attraction places made by nature. These are human resources. Based Destination. Wellness Tourism. A Natural attraction is an attraction that has been created by nature. There are called Natural attractions, Heritage attractions, Purpose- built attractions and Events. . The relationship between transport and tourism is strong.. This includes historical buildings and sites of historic significance. Our tips from experts and exam survivors will help you through. Culture or Social Class − Tourists of different cultures prefer different places, events, and different types of tourism. How many Types of Tourism are there in India? Some examples are Lake District and Rivington Pike. Physical resources are the attractions that have been made by nature such as beaches or lakes. Many of these areas have been given a status to protect their environment and provide facilities so that people who visit are able to enjoy the sites. Events play an important part in the tourist attractions and also bring in a lot of income which creates jobs and wealth in the area. It will identify different types of tourism destinations and look at arrivals statistics to these countries. E.g. Components of tourism:Transport services . Tourism contributes to a country’s economy but can have a negative impact if not properly managed. The purpose of this site is to share our knowledge with the tourism industry in sustainable tourism. Adventure tourism is a type of tourism in which tourist do some adventures activities … . You simply notice the way that they look much in the way you might notice when someone has a nice car or when there is a sculpture in front of a building. This type of attraction is not the same as physical attraction or sexual attraction because you may feel no desire to touch or be touched by the person that you find aesthetically pleasing. 1. 2. Natural attractions are also known as areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB). Transit Destination. Key Developments of the UK Travel and Tourism Industry. There are various types of tourist destinations. Beach tourism is one of the oldest forms of tourism and is also known as coastal tourism and according to Hall (2001) coastal tourism appears as popular as ever. People visiting the British Museum in London. Tourism activities which can take place in water bodies includes sport fishing, water rafting, bathing, swimming, boating, parasailing and scuba diving. Touring Destination. There are 4There a different types of attractions. Read about our approach to external linking. There are 4 different types of attractions in the travel and tourism industry. Sectors such as transport, accommodation, and travel retail exist as part of this system because they support the desire for tourists to see attractions. Events are attractions that often bring a lot of tourist into the area and are often staged to increase the appeal of attractions. Types of a tourist attraction climate, natural beauty, landscape, mountains, water resources, flora & fauna, ... -The change & development in the field of tourism is called development of tourism. 4. Water bodies are natural attractions which include lakes, rivers, oceans, seas, swamps, water falls, etc. Wildlife tourism. People like to swim at the beach or in lakes (physical resources) or swimming pools (human resources). In addition, if friends and families who have visited a place earlier spread the first hand information that motivates the others to visit the place too. Human resources are tourist attractions that have been made by people, such as the Eiffel Tower in France. Types of tourist attractions People visiting the British Museum in London The human and physical resources found in a particular place often influence tourism to a particular destination. Multi-centre Destination. Sign in, choose your GCSE subjects and see content that's tailored for you. 5. Adventure tourism is defined as the movement of the people from one to another place outside their comfort zone for exploration or travel to remote areas, exotic and possibly hostile areas. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. 4. Adventure Tourism . The tourist boards have esitmated that there are around 6,400 tourist attractions in the UK. They often provide the sites for activity based attractions such as Climbing, hill walking, mountain biking, mountaineering and potholing. 5. Tourism as a social phenomenon is about everything local people share with tourists. An attraction exists when a tourism system is created to designate and elevate it to the status of an attraction (Lew, 2000). are the attractions that have been made by nature such as beaches or lakes. Types of tourism. Medical Tourism. 3. Tourists can be divided into different categories. People walking by the sea in Northern Ireland, According to a recent survey of British people travelling within the UK, the activity that people like to do the most while on holiday is. In the travel and tourism sector, attractions are an important part as this is what bring in tourist from all over the world. Walking allows people to enjoy the physical resources of the countryside such as hills, rivers and lakes.

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