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In the event that additional information or materials are necessary, we … A campus may ask for them later as part of a supplemental review, so be sure to check your email. Additional letters will be reviewed, but will not help or hurt your application. In your country it may be called something else, such as statement of marks, statement of results, relève du notes, record of learning, or record of achievement. If you are admitted and accept an offer of admission, you can then submit official military transcripts (e.g., ACE, SMAART) to the UC campus. Please note that departments may not review the application until all letters have been received. The application fee is $70 for each UC campus ($80 for international and non-immigrant applicants). Submission is voluntary and not required for full consideration of the application for admission. Keep in mind: As part of the 7-course pattern, you’re required to take two transferable college courses (3 semester or 4-5 quarter units each) in English composition. UC will waive application fees for up to four campuses for qualified students who would otherwise be unable to apply for admission. Check available majors before applying. Recommenders are strongly encouraged to submit their letters by the deadline, but will still be able to submit after the posted date. During the 2019-20 application cycle: ● UC Berkeley invited over 13% of our freshman applicants to submit letters, ● Over 53% of the invited applicants requested at least one letter from a recommender, ● Of the students that requested at least one letter, there was a response rate of over 92%. 1 yearlong course (or 2 semesters) of visual and performing arts, 1 additional course from any subject areas above, Are enrolled in a regular session (fall, winter or spring) at a college or university after high school/secondary school. ), report your subjects and grades/scores on the International External Exams page of the application, under the Test Scores tab (step 6 of 7). You must register a minimum of three recommenders, and as many as five, via the Recommendations page of the online application. Freshman: Additional information by country, Completed their secondary education and have earned a certificate of completion which enables them to be admitted to a university in their home country, Never been enrolled as a university student, 2 years of history (in place of U.S. History, history of your country), 4 years of composition and literature in language in which you are instructed, 3 years (four years recommended) of college-preparatory mathematics that include the topics covered in elementary and advanced algebra and two- and three-dimensional geometry. IGCSE/GCSE/GCE exams, Year X/XII Board exams, SPM, etc. Math I, Math II, etc.) To help speed consideration of your application, we recommend that you make legible photocopies of your official academic records. You can see if you automatically qualify for a fee waiver within the application. A campus may ask for them later as part of a supplemental review, so be sure to check your email. And we want you to get every penny of help you deserve. Each campus offers an incredible range of experiences and academic programs. Record all courses and marks/grades earned exactly as reported by the international school — whether as numbers, letters, percentages or words. Copyright © Regents of the University of California, English language proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS). Diplomas or certificates you received for completing government and university examinations must show the subjects you passed and the grades received. Integrated math courses (e.g. English language proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS). If you're admitted to UC, then you must submit final transcripts to your campus admissions office. It’s time to turn your plans into action. Once your application has been submitted, you are expected to pay for all your campus choices, even if you cancel your application at a later date. As of fall 2017, UC policy allows for letters of recommendation in the UC Policy for Augmented Review However, some campuses/majors may require letters of recommendation as part of a supplemental application review. Letters of​ Recommendation Starting in fall 2015, some applicants to UC Berkeley are invited to submit two letters of recommendation.

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