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Do not send these documents now. Test of English as a You are a freshman applicant if you completed secondary school and have not enrolled in a regular session at any college or university. You may not disregard your college record and apply as a freshman. Between The engagement of agents or private organizations for the purpose of recruiting or enrolling international students is not endorsed by UCLA. to take UCLA’s English-as-a-Second-Language Placement UCLA requires records from all UCLA’s new tuition accommodation for nonresident doctoral students will address international students’ financial concerns, some graduate students said. Students can take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) or the Duolingo English Test (Fall 2021 only) to demonstrate English language proficiency. number of spaces available in these programs. And some international students just want the experience of living in a world-class city like Los Angeles and studying at a prestigious university like UCLA. The Dashew Center is the place where domestic and international students and scholars meet. The Dashew Center provides a wide This minimum amount usually grows each year. visas have adequate medical insurance during all periods of Transfer applicants need to be at the junior level, that is, have taken college level coursework amounting to 90-130 quarter (60-90 semester) units of credit. Competition If admitted to UCLA, applicants must submit official, final academic records. Summer Study and Reciprocity Exchange programs, we're bound Foreign Language, International English of your program may include special courses in English for degrees in architecture, journalism or business administration. Working at the intersection of politics and economics Alden Young, an historian whose research focuses on economic development and Africa, recently joined the faculty of the International Institute. Examination (ESLPE) immediately before the term in which you enter. UCLA does not offer undergraduate desirable academic destinations in the world. To be considered for admission to UCLA as a freshman, international students must either be in the final year of secondary school or have already completed secondary school and have not been enrolled in university or college. Please note that the number of qualified applicants UCLA offers over 130 majors at the undergraduate A competitive score is above 100 (with sub-scores above 22). International students must prove that they have sufficient funds available to them to pay for their educational and living expenses. deficient, you will be required to gain proficiency in English This is an optional supplement that may assist us in evaluating your application. UCLA is home for more than 12,000 international students and scholars away from home. The student must be able to enter a university in their home country with their secondary credential. UCLA gives preference to students transferring from California community colleges, including international students. IELTS and DET must be sent to each campus you apply to. Historically, over 80% of admitted international transfers were attending a California community college when they applied. variety of services, resources and programs, from assistance with immigration regulations to orientation and English Conversation This series of completed coursework is typically referred to as the “A–G” courses required for eligibility to the University of California. earned. This minimum amount usually gr… before you are allowed to pursue your studies at UCLA. Documents of all college or university coursework As an undergraduate, you may apply in all majors. The UCLA International Education Office offers a range of different programs for international students. Fall 2021 only: Including the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition. paramount to assist their acclimation to UCLA. must also be sent in the original language, along with English Working at the intersection of politics and economics Alden Young, an historian whose research focuses on economic development and Africa, recently joined the faculty of the International … More information in these areas is even more rigorous than in other programs. translations. programs. and living expenses. enrollment. on when and how to apply, Information for admitted international students. We understand that UCLA’s subject requirements may be difficult for some international students to complete due to differences in national curriculum, and all applications are reviewed within the context of courses available to students. The Study Abroad at UCLA Program is designed for international students who are currently enrolled in degree programs in their home country and want to earn transferable academic credits. If your score indicates a weakness in English, several terms Study at a top-ranked university and experience life in Los Angeles much in the same way American students … Learn about international students at UCLA. When applying to a UCLA graduate program, international applicants should upload unofficial transcripts from all academic institutions she or he attended into the Application for Graduate Admission. India: Students are expected to complete Year X and Year XII state board exams. UCLA also offers an enormous breadth of areas to study: more than 130 majors spread across five academic divisions. As such, admission is highly selective Between Summer Study and Reciprocity Exchange programs, we're bound to identify the right means for accommodating an enriching multicultural educational experience. for admission as a freshman (first-year) or as a transfer student. What unifies our students are the talents they bring to UCLA and their passion to explore all that UCLA has to offer. UCLA also requires that all international students on non-immigrant Competitive applicants typically score A* and A grades. Fees, Tuition, and Estimated Student Budget. international students. You may send your TOEFL scores to one UC campus, and all campuses you apply to will receive it. UCLA does not award scholarships or financial aid to undergraduate If your score shows that you are seriously Additionally, all scores must be received no later than January. British system (including Singapore): Students who have attended school under the British system must present at least five IGCSE/GCSE/Ordinary Level examinations and at least three Advanced-Level (or Pre-U) examinations with superior grades. English language proficiency is critical to your success at UCLA. For example, students admitted to Fall Quarter 2020 will need a minimum of about $65,000 (with an additional $5,000 recommended for additional personal expenses, contingencies and summer expenses). And providing these talented individuals with useful resources is Students come from all over the world to attend UCLA. Students with vastly different credentials come from thousands of secondary schools across the country and around the world. That means opening our doors to students from around the world. At UCLA, you're not alone—even when you're far from home. Language Testing System. We are the central hub for resources, support and advocacy for international students and scholars. Instructions and deadlines for submission are included with officia… If you are admitted to UCLA and UCLA’s new tuition accommodation for nonresident doctoral students will address international students’ financial concerns, some graduate students said.

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