uncle ben's new logo

New York — The Uncle Ben’s rice brand is getting a new name: Ben’s Original. Uncle Ben's rice products will now be called 'Ben's Original' and the logo of an elderly Africa American man wearing a bow tie will be dropped from packaging, parent company Mars … Uncle Ben's rice has officially changed its name and logo. Mars will change the name of its Uncle Ben's rice products to Ben's Original and drop the logo depicting a Chicago head waiter as part of the company's previously announced plans to create a … New packaging, which will be orange with Ben’s Original … Uncle Ben’s will become Ben’s Original, and will drop the logo of an elderly African American man in a bow tie, the company said. Following Quaker Foods' move to scrap the Aunt Jemima breakfast brand name over its racist image, critics are also calling for the end of Uncle Ben's and Mrs. Butterworth's logos. The brand, which has been criticized for perpetuating racial stereotypes, will now be known as Ben’s Original, the company … Uncle Ben of Uncle Ben's rice is no more -- the parent company of the food brand ditched its logo, rooted in racism, and even whittled down the name as well to something much more kosher.

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