unfriended meaning movie

READ MORE: The Death-by-Skype Horror Movie ‘Unfriended’ is an Unlikely Critical Hit. The 2014 film Unfriended (released in 2015) was a pretty banal ghost story in which a bunch of generic teenagers are taken to task for their past sins in the matter of a bullied girl who committed suicide. I know I'm pretty late but I had no interest in watching this movie and only did so because I feel like my Imdb account needs more 2/10 and 1/10 ratings. Unfriended (2014): A bad movie that is, somehow, a surprisingly good character study. Unfriended synonyms and Unfriended antonyms. Unfriended: Dark Web is the newest horror film to hit theaters and it’s looking to deliver a plethora of scares. The movie Unfriended is based on her story. Origins: In March 2015, a found-footage-style horror film titled Unfriended premiered at Austin’s South by Southwest (SWSW) festival. Top synonym for unfriended (another word for unfriended) is boyfriends. 'Unfriended' is a spooky ghost story parable that will (only) be fun for those who grew up in the era of the online social jungle.

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