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For example, a birdhouse plan with a hole size of 1 1/8 inch in diameter can exclude house sparrows and starlings, monopolizing nest boxes and evicting more desirable bird species. If you build and mount them correctly, a bluebird nest box can deter competing species and predators. You can also create your very own bluebird nest box. The specifications written in this document are recommended for small and native cavity nesters such as bluebirds. 30 Pallet Project Ideas That Sell & Make Money, Helpful Links: http://www.nabluebirdsociety.org/PDF/Peterson.pdf. By following the guidelines on the Nestbox Fact Sheet, you’ll be more confident that the birds coming to your nest box are safe all throughout the nesting cycle with their offspring fledging successfully. Round Birdhouse! Build a Purple Martin House for the Birds. For lubrication and prevent rust, you can brush the screws and nails with WD-40. Additionally, CutTheWood.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Here is what you get: The Gilbertson Bluebird Nest Box has a round entrance and a different design of roof as compared to the Gilbertson Box with a slot entrance. This unique birdhouse design and pattern consists of ten doorways welcome birds at all 3 levels. Helpful Link:http://www.birdwatching-bliss.com/bird-house-hole-guard.html. The birdhouse designs are really creative. The large overhanging roof is also designed to shade box. CutTheWood.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Built for the birds, this design has fledged several families of bluebirds and wrens. You can reduce heat inside the nest box by increasing the number of young ones that fledge. The Peterson Bluebird Nest Box has been reprinted by the North American Bluebird Society with the permission obtained from Carrol Henderson of Woodworking for Wildlife from the Department of Natural Resources of Minnesota in 1992. Although they may eventually dislodge the washer given enough time, they tend to give up and look for natural holes instead. Today I have for you, bird lovers, some gorgeous and unique birdhouse designs, which will make your yard wonderful and will help you to take care of your birds in the same time. Helpful Link: http://www.birdwatching-bliss.com/free-bluebird-house-plans.html, Mark LaTorre of Alabama installed another birdhouse with a hole guard. Mark possesses the perfect carpentry skills so he designed great bluebird boxes with airspaces between the outer and inner walls. It has a sloped roof for shedding rain. But you can also use redwood or non-aromatic cedar. Copyright 2018 by Cut The Wood. Helpful Link: http://www.birdwatching-bliss.com/bluebird-house-plans.html. The materials you need to prepare to include the following: You can paint the exterior of this bird nest box using a sealant or water-based light colored paint for extending the lifespan of the box. 9. You can read about the rustic birdhouse plans ... to give it a unique look. This project is for the birds! It has a full swing down opening side for easy cleaning and ease of monitoring. The PVC pipes measure 4 inches. Helpful Links: http://www.nabluebirdsociety.org/PDF/NABS%20factsheet%20-%20Nestbox%20Recs.pdf. You can slick the conduit through rubbing it with coarse steel wool. Basic Birdhouse Plan: Here's a free birdhouse plan that's a great design for … Before you measure and cut, you can make adjustments for other thickness of lumber. Martin Birdhouse Plans. If you are, you surly want to feed them every day on your window or in the yard. The hole size for a bluebird house plan differs as compared to a birdhouse for chickadees. These designs are made by Mark LaTorre of Alabama. We bet round birdhouse proves to be among unique birdhouse designs and patterns because of its incredible look and is surprisingly easy to make from rings of wood and cedar shingles. Fill the joint gaps or surface holes with the use of DAP or wood filler and sand smooth. Whimsical Wood Birdhouse! Never use treated plywood or wood. It is very inexpensive and the design is very simple. A nest box helps in maintaining bluebird populations declining at 90%. His birdhouse plans include black vent pipes when heated draw air into the air space below the nest box. Photo: Courtesy of Three Quarters & Counting. One nail is used at the bottom of the nest box to keep the door closed. It even includes pictures of unique ways you can paint this birdhouse to really make it your own. Choosing the appropriate bird house plan is essential for the bird species you want to attract. This is a simple bird house plan in pdf format. For a more secure closure, you need to screw the fastener on the side panel.

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