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Applying to University of Medicine and Health Sciences? University of Medicine and Health Sciences. The Princeton Review will extend our “Enroll with Confidence” refund policies to cover students who enroll on or after August 1 st. For full details, ... St. Kitts… Applicants must have successfully completed the following undergraduate pre-requisite courses: UMHS confers upon its graduates the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. We are driven by our unique mission of catering to the individual needs of our students, and achieving excellence through small class sizes, high student retention and tremendous outcomes. Either your Login credentials are incorrect or your account has not been activated. Home / University of Medicine & Health Sciences. Students receive a detailed analysis of each exam showing their strengths and weaknesses, which helps guide students in their preparation for the USMLE Step 1. Account to Apply to any Schools I am excited to be a part of such a vibrant university community. It is recommended that additional advanced sciences courses such as Genetics, Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry be taken as well. We are interested in seeing a completed standardized test in the form of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Tuition and Fees are subject to change without notice. You're on your way to applying to some of the top accredited Caribbean medical schools. Terms of Use | Sign Up. The University of Medicine and health Sciences (St. Kitts), Caribbean medical school was accredited in June 2008 by the International Medical Education Directory and was provisionally accredited by the government of St. Kitts and Nevis in January 2008, where the university is located and became legally existent through a charter issued by the government. Incredible outcomes. ©2020 TPR Education IP Holdings, LLC. Privacy Policy, Congratulations! UMHS HUMAN SIMULATION LABS - Students are introduced to clinical material throughout the Basic Science Program. For full details, please click here. We have approximately 500 students in St. Kitts, which I believe is the optimum size for starting your new career in medicine. BASIC SCIENCE TUITION: SEMESTERS 1-4: TOTAL - $14,413 - $14,804 EXTENDED BASIC SCIENCES TUITION 1-5 (ST. KITTS): TOTAL - $12,143 - $12,534 CLINICAL SCIENCE TUITION: SEMESTERS 5-10: TOTAL - $16,569 - $17,097 ACCELERATED REVIEW PROGRAM TUITION: TOTAL - $9,263 - $9,654 Tuition and Fees are subject to change without notice. Login The Universal Medical College Application Service™ - UMCAS™ is a centralized application processing platform that currently participates with medical schools throughout the Caribbean & Europe to facilitate the process of applying to medical schools and to reduce duplication in application processing fees, and resources for the applicants and the institutions. You must be logged in to purchase credits. ** Any credits above or below the semester total credits will be charged at a rate of $850.00 ** p/credit (EBS and BAS); $985 p/credit (CLN #5-10). Organic Chemistry (with Labs)* - 1 Year Applicants are expected to have completed a minimum of three years of study (90 semester credits) at an accredited college or university. Details about the Pre-Med Program (if available): This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. They are similar in style and content to questions on the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE). Prospective applicants to UMHS must meet the minimum requirements for admission outlined below. This mission permeates everything we do as we help students to reach their dreams of becoming a doctor. Upon completion of the 5th semester, students sit for USMLE Step 1. Applicants may substitute one semester of Biochemistry for Organic Chemistry II if this is the prescribed pre-medical chemistry sequence at their college or university. The University of Medicine and Health Sciences is committed to educating uniquely skilled and diverse medical professionals eager to meet the need for physicians in various settings throughout the United States and the world. CCPA Privacy Notice | Get Started - It's Free. Each medical school is completely autonomous in reaching its own admission decisions. Calculus or Statistics) - 1 Semester 5TH SEMESTER, PORTLAND MAINE - After completing the Basic Science Program, students transition to our 5th semester program at our campus in Portland, Maine. You must be logged in and have enough Application Credits in Your By signing up you are agreeing to our Transfer applicants who have not taken USMLE Step I are required to submit their MCAT scores, so that we may assess your academic background relative to placement in our program. NBME SHELF EXAMS - Throughout the Basic and Clinical Science Program students will sit for shelf examinations developed by the NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners). In the Winter of 2016 our USMLE Step 1 pass rate was 93%, with an average score of 220. SEMESTERS 1-4, includes studying Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Biology, Pathology, Immunology, etc. English - 1 Year The last seven weeks are dedicated to a live Kaplan USMLE review program taught by highly renowned faculty from U.S. medical schools. Terms & Conditions Foreign (Non-National) Students Eligible: BASIC SCIENCE TUITION: SEMESTERS 1-4: TOTAL - $14,413 - $14,804 EXTENDED BASIC SCIENCES TUITION 1-5 (ST. KITTS): TOTAL - $12,143 - $12,534 CLINICAL SCIENCE TUITION: SEMESTERS 5-10: TOTAL - $16,569 - $17,097 ACCELERATED REVIEW PROGRAM TUITION: TOTAL - $9,263 - $9,654 Tuition and Fees are subject to change without notice. Yes (4-year MD program); No (4.5 years MD program). UMCAS is disrupting the medical school application process globally! We have sent on your application and wish you the best of luck with your potential acceptance :). The Clinical Science Program includes 48 weeks of mandatory core clinical rotations and 30 weeks of elective rotations. P.O Box 1267 Basseterre St Kitts St. Kitts | Study Centre, Marriott Concourse, 858 Frigate Bay Rd, Frigate Bay, St.Kitts West Indies PH +1 877-487-6012 / 204-487-6012 / 869-465-2338 Terms & Conditions. Sign Up Today! High school advanced placement courses are considered on a per case basis and may meet pre-requisite requirements. By signing up you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. Registration takes less than 2 minutes. These are the same examinations offered to students attending U.S. medical schools. The core rotations represent the primary areas of medical practice while the elective rotations provide students with an understanding of the various specialties in medicine. The University of Medicine and Health Sciences (also known as UMHS) is a private, for-profit medical school located in Basseterre, Saint Kitts in the Caribbean. New boutique medical school with the most state-of-the-art campus in the Caribbean. COVID-19 Update: To help students through this crisis, The Princeton Review will extend our “Enroll with Confidence” refund policies to cover students who enroll on or after August 1st. Health Insurance, Evacuation Insurance, Liability Insurance, and Laboratory and Competency Testing Fees. College-Level Mathematics (Pref. To enhance their pre-clinical experience, students will rotate through our 24 bed virtual hospital and have access to professional patients, the local hospital, as well as the local health care facilities. SEMESTER 5: CURRICULUM - Introduction to Clinical Medicine II; Biological Basis of Clinical Medicine, © 2020 Copyright UMCAS. However, it is highly recommended that applicants earn a Bachelor?s Degree prior to matriculating at UMHS. Interested in having your medical school participate in UMCAS? Get up-to-date MCAT scores, application requirements, and more from The Princeton Review. With a focus on quality patient care and utilizing the latest in advanced technological instruction and personalized education, our aim is to produce genuinely passionate physicians highly prepared for practice in a changing medical landscape. UMHS | University of Medicine and Health Sciences in St. Kitts Our classes are relatively small, which provides each student with significantly more one-on-one access to the faculty, staff, and administration. Physics (with Lab) - 1 Semester General Biology or Zoology (with Labs) - 1 Year All Rights Reserved.The Princeton Review is not affiliated with Princeton University, Privacy Policy |

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