use of triangular bandage for head

Dynarex Triangular Bandages are designed for use as an arm sling, cravat bandage or cover for a head dressing. • Pull back and cross-over at the back, tucking apex beneath. Made of 100% cotton, triangular bandages are individually polybagged and come complete with two safety pins. It should not cover the eyes, nose, or mouth. How to Use a Triangular Bandage to Treat a Sprain or Fracture. Apply a Triangular Bandage to the Head/Scalp. In the case of a head wound, a triangular bandage can be wrapped over the forehead and around the top of the head to cover the wound. Do not use bandages of any kind around the neck, because you might restrict circulation to the head. A bandage should not be used around the neck because it could restrict blood flow to the head. • Pull both … • Place folded base aligned with eyebrows. A triangular bandage can also be used to treat a wound on the forehead or the top of the head. Also known as a cravat bandage, a triangular bandage … Do not use bandages over the eyes, nose, or mouth. The Arm Sling Bandages … • Fold the base at least 2-3”.

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