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Truth is, your body type can provide you information on how you respond to food, giving you an idea on how to build maximum muscle mass based on your unique body composition. However, the number of eggs and the amount of meat to eat depends on the height, weight and level of training. Most may simply think that this was another one of Vince’s early ketogenic diets, but it get’s even more interesting. Having said that, it is no understatement to say that Vince was WAY AHEAD OF HIS TIME in both the development of this infamous diet and in his execution of it. When it comes to Vince’s Diets, people instantly think of the Steak and Eggs Diet,  or the 36 eggs a day diet and Desiccated Liver and to most people, that is their perception of the nutritional advice that would come from Vince Gironda. This was the era when V-shaped physiques was emphasized. When it comes to bodybuilding, we often think about the Mr. Olympia icons of the 60s and 70s like Franco Colombo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane and Larry Scott, 1967 Mr. America Don Howorth and Mr. Universe Rick Wayne. Vince Gironda was very successful, famous, and ripped, therefore he popularized the diet. Vince was truly a master trainer and nutritionist as reflected by the various forementioned diets. Reflecting on this short but varied list of diets that i have explained, it is important to now explain another important concept that Vince would advise his clients with, and that is to develop Innate Animal Wisdom. Discover how to use the techniques of a bodybuilding legend to achieve the body you are aiming for. It’s in fact that they were all trained by the original ‘Iron Guru’ - Vince Gironda. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. It was a healthy moderate fat, high protein, low carb diet with plenty of green veggies. For example, if the trainee was on a High-Protein animal protein diet for 3 months and was no longer seeing results, for example, muscular hypertrophy, then this was a signal that the trainee needed to change their diet, and therefore Vince may have recommended a detoxification with a Vegan diet. I have seen several videos of people simply swallowing 36 eggs from day 1, only to later report that they either regurgitated the 3 dozen eggs or had a rather runny session in the toilet… surprise. Out of all diets that Vince Gironda recommended, this is the one diet that Vince would actually recommend to stay on year round. Vince believed in this one principle so much because between the 1940s and 1960s while he was still competing, he realised the importance of nutrition by experimenting novel ideas on bodybuilding nutrition on himself. That’s right, Vince Gironda was so shredded that it cost him the competition and he ended up second place. You may ask: ‘isn’t this diet unhealthy due to too much fat?’ Yes, it is high in fat…but unhealthy? Is bigger always better? Vince Gironda is a bodybuilding legend with much to offer men and women. The Iron Guru was and still is one of the […], Larry Scott needs no introduction. However, people still get it wrong. To maximize your body composition, eat a meal with good quality fats and a moderate amount of carbs. From my several interviews and research and as a testament to this diet, I am now aware that golden era legends such as Don Howorth and Don Peters, both who trained at Vince’s Gym used the 36 eggs a Day Diet successfully. The Golden Hair, the tan, the smile, and that physique!!! The steak and eggs diet dates clear back to the 1950s, and may be traced to an iconic bodybuilder named Vincent Anselmo "Vince" Gironda, known at that time as the “Iron Guru.” Gironda’s main claim to fame was of course his extraordinary physique. Larry Scott however was not blessed with the […]. One again to reiterate, this diet, being a specific diet, was only to be followed for 6 weeks!! Now here is a relatively unknown diet from the late and great Vince Gironda. His special hormone precursor drink consisted of: Make 1 to 3 mixtures of this recipe and drink throughout the day – in between meals and before bed. What was allowed on Vince’s Complete Vegan Diet? Vince Gironda called it Innate Animal Wisdom. They had never seen that level of definition on a competitive bodybuilder before. As Vince Gironda put it, if one was to eat eggs and drink raw milk in moderation, and instead, eat lots of «roughage», a term Vince would use to describe the fibrous indigestible material in vegetables, this would give a feeling of satisfaction and prevent food cravings and lead to rapid weight loss. It is by no means exhaustive, as Vince would essentially assess his clients goals and formulate diets accordingly. It also reflects the vast nutritional knowledge he had, and the variety of diets he would recommend to his many different clients. Famous bodybuilders and celebrities reached their desired bodies with his help. Vince stated that carbohydrates are necessary for those trainees that are bulking up and need to gain wweight, so this statement alone should trash any misconception about Vince Gironda only recommending low carbohydrate diets ! For clients such as these Vince would recommend the 5 Day Fasting Diet. Most of Vince’s diets were not Maintenance Diets !!! Eggs, being high in protein and fat, would therefore contain the precursors to androgenic hormones necessary for stimulating muscle hypertrophy, hence it’s alternate name, the Hormone Precursor Diet. Butter, meat and eggs are rich sources of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) that is known to have fat-burning effects. If you are working out for long hours, you need fat to have a steady supply of energy. Vince Gironda Weight-Gain Diet The following extract comes from Vince Gironda’s 1984 Book: Unleashing the Wild Physique (available here ). Whenever I read his books, I hang on every word he says, re-analysing what he says again and again. In fact he was able to get so ripped that he lost the competition to a much smoother Brittish competitor named Len Sell, pictured below. WRONG!! Vince recommended carbohydrate intake too!! It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the numerous diet and training styles on offer today, but sometimes, all we need is to go back to basics. Vince recommended such extreme cleansing diets for clients that had developed what he termed was a distaste for protein. Better time your protein or BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) intake around workouts. Not indefinitely! On the steak and eggs diet, you eat nothing but steak and eggs twice a day for 3-4 days straight, and then have 1 big carby meal to replace glycogen stores before going back to steak and eggs. Vince recommended staying on this diet for now longer than 6-8 weeks maximum. Unlike the other routine that Vince advocated, this routine was […]. This shake was to be made with a dozen eggs at a time, and sipped throughout the day, and the consumption of this shake was to be increased slowly over time. To maximize body composition, an ectomorph must eat good quality fats with protein of minimum 30 grams per meal. It was ideally suited for bodybuilders who were looking at gaining muscle without having to worry too much about getting defined or obtaining a muscular look for any upcoming competitions, and therefore, was used by bodybuilders during the off season to maintain their bodyweight and still allow for gradual muscular hypertrophy. These individuals are usually able to overeat while gaining little to no weight. Synonymous with Larry Scott and the development of his colossal biceps, it is no wonder that it is also referred to as the Scott Curl. What?? Not at all- and especially when it means compromising your health. When it came to losing fat, he was a firm believer that the fault lay in your diet and not the amount of exercise you were getting. For example, in the case of a new client, Vince would recommend a diet to the novice bodybuilder, and the student would initially adhere to the diet, and later the diet would be tweaked or changed all together, as needed, depending on the persons individual metabolism, lifestyle etc. These were once Vince Gironda’s words as to why he called this exercise the Sissy Squat.

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