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“It’s a shame that in the wake of that speech, people forgot about the finding God in all things aspect of Maria that Pius XII wished to emphasize,” Goldstein added. Brian Fraga is contributing editor for Our Sunday Visitor. The relics of Saints Cyprian and Justina are to be found in various places around the world. They pursued and offered them marriage. [3] The number of consecrated virgins ranges in the thousands. In thanksgiving, Lucy had her mother distribute a greater portion of her riches among the poor. from the Liturgical Year, 1904 A third Roman virgin, wearing on her brow a Martyr's crown, comes today to share the honors given to Agnes and For this reason, a widow was not free to remain unmarried. Father Fuller said he does not think it has ever been the intention of anyone in the Church to present the virgin martyrs in a way that would suggest that women are better off dead than being raped. “‘Father, I am now able to forgive my attacker,’ many have told me or written me. According to legend, her example converted Valerian, who respected her desire to remain a virgin. According to the legends, those spurned young men reported her to the authorities as a Christian. The Life of Saint Agnes of Rome Little is known for certain about the life of Saint Agnes. Another early consecrated virgin is Saint Genevieve (c. 422 – c. 512). Saint Margaret of Hungary (1242–1270) is noted as a nun and virgin, as she was consecrated as a virgin although she already had taken monastic vows; this was done in order to dissuade her father, king Béla IV of Hungary, from trying to have her vows rescinded by the pope for the purposes of a political marriage. They carried her off to Syria and sold her into slavery. In 2 Corinthians 11:2, Paul alludes to the metaphor of the Church as Bride of Christ by addressing the congregation are Christian virgins, often persecuted for their refusal to enter a worldly marriage after having vowed to keep their virginity for the sake of heaven. They didn’t accept that they were second-class citizens, only fit to be a man’s property,” said Mary Pezzulo, a Catholic author who writes the “Steel Magnificat” blog on Patheos. And when it is forgotten or told in such a way that her imitation of Christ by her concern for the sinner is left out, then her whole witness to Christ is lost as well.”. When Anna struggled, he put a gun to her head. During the persecutions of Diocletian, Anastasia visited and cared for imprisoned Christians around the Roman Empire. “Looking past that pietistic language, we see he’s giving a message that Maria took ordinary, everyday things in her life and saw God in them. The next on our list of “virgin martyr” saints is St. Lucy. Worshippers venerate the relics of St. Maria Goretti at St. John Cantius Church in Chicago in 2015. The age of the virgin martyrs lies between the apostolic era and the time of the Church Fathers. St. Agnes is one of several virgin martyrs commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass. Send feedback to us at When he became Pope, Saint Gregory inserted the names of two of Sicily’s most revered martyrs, Agatha and Lucy, into the heart of the Mass, the Roman Canon. “Yet it was this very act that empowered her, for in becoming configured to the Mystery of Christ, he was able to manifest through her in a dazzling display of redemptive power.”. At a young age, she consecrated her virginity to God and hoped to distribute her dowry to the poor. Born into a rich Roman family, Cecilia was to be given in marriage to a young man named Valerian. Sts. Ora pro nobis. Agnes was born near the end of the third century to a wealthy family in Rome. Lucy was sentenced to death for refusing to burn a sacrifice to the emperor’s image. They were brilliant women and girls who knew that they were daughters and brides of God. Her feast day is July 20th in the Roman Catholic Church. “The problem is when you talk about martyrdom for the sake of virginity. While still a girl she was captured by the Persians. Instead they can fix their sights on achieving Christian moral perfection, however difficult and hazardous that course may prove,” the pope said. '”, Father Martins, who is the director of the Treasures of the Church ministry, a traveling collection of thousands of sacred relics, also said that St. Maria Goretti, in the forgiveness she extended to Alessandro, “reveals to victims that victimhood need not define them.”, “Forgiveness was the way in which Maria, who for all intents and purposes appeared completely powerless in the face of her attacker, entered into a mystery: a complete and total imitation the one she loved: Christ, who is our Passover Lamb,” Father Martins said. “The early virgin martyrs were heroes. And in light of recent news stories about powerful men in the United States abusing their positions to prey on women and related cultural developments such as the #MeToo movement, Pezzulo and others said the Church needs to examine the way that sexual assault is discussed. Really, all that is known for sure about her is that she was martyred in Syracuse around 304 under the Great Persecution of Diocletian. But the Roman Canon is not lost, and it gathers together some notable virgin martyrs of the first few centuries: “…Agatha, Lucy, Agnes, Cecilia, Anastasia…” Like flies in amber, their names are preserved, to be heard in hundreds of languages by millions of people every week until the end of time. One of the Church’s highly venerated virgin martyrs, Agatha is believed to have been born around A.D. 231 in Sicily to a noble family.Devout from a young age, Agatha became a consecrated virgin, but that did not stop men from desiring her and making unwanted advances. “From Maria’s story, carefree children and young people with their zest for life can learn not to be led astray by attractive pleasures, which are not only ephemeral and empty but also sinful. She preserved herself in purity, kept… [1] Her feast day is Dec. 25. In researching her book, “My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints,” Goldstein discovered there were early canonized virgin martyrs who were raped before being killed. As property, she could also not own her own property. She is the patroness of nurses and breast cancer patients. In the Church, especially in its earliest days, Father Fuller said virginity and purity were understood as great spiritual gifts.

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